Explore and Edit: 4 Best Collage Maker Apps For Beginners

The meaning of a collage is a bit of artistry made by combining photographs, clippings, or small items onto a surface. It could be an image of a flower made with numerous photos of loved ones or any other random stuff. Combining these photos to create one whole new is mostly what the primary goal of these collages.

Just like any other hobby, everyone will start as beginners in photo collage making. Good thing, numerous collage-making mobile applications allow you to explore and learn to do so without giving you a lot of difficulties. So far, here are a few of the best apps that are best for starters.


This collage making application has a significant number of features you’d need to discover in a collection making an application. It has templates and layouts you can browse. It also gives you an option to add captions and stickers of your choice, making it the best collage maker for you.

While most of its highlights are mostly familiar to the app, its editing capabilities and performance separates it from other collage making applications. It gives you a decent measure of control with regards to fixing your collage layout. And if you’re still exploring and feel like you can’t create your own yet, the application can make one for you. This is a superb photo-editing app once you get the hang of it.


One of the remarkable web-based mobile collage making app is Photovisi. For beginners who are looking for a straightforward and super-easy way to create a collage without the need for too many decorations, you may want to give this app a try. It can’t do so much editing with this app, but it offers various preset layouts you can choose from.

It also gives you the option to transform your collage into various digital forms, such as calendars and e-greeting cards. This application is free, but if you want to download your work without a watermark, you need to sign up for their premium subscription. You may also want to take note that it runs smoothly with any browser, even your phone’s default.


PicsArt has a ton of features that are similar to most of the applications. It’s a photo-collage maker application that gives you preset. It likewise lets you make minor changes, adds text, and even stickers. This application is also compatible with any Android and iOS device.

What sets PicsArt unique is that it gives you a platform where you can share your creations. It has a community of individuals sharing their pictures with other people. You can also “work together with companions to make collages.” If you’re coming up short on motivation, the application gives regular prompts to keep the individuals from the community creative.


If you are one of the beginners who seek to explore numerous layouts, PhotoGrid is suitable for you as it gives you exciting and fun editing choices to try in making your collage. It provides its users access to over 300 layouts. It also has numerous filters you can choose from, just like a film reel or a landscape look.

One thing that makes PhotoGrid remarkable is the way that you pick a format depending upon the aspect ration. Something else that sets this collage maker application different is the Scrapbook feature. This lets you set a collage background, pick fun stickers, and include a few captions.


Photo collages help us share a story by merely combining individual photos and coming up with one new creation. For some, it may not be the simplest thing to do, and that’s why there are easy-to-use applications available on the internet.

Most of these applications are free, but if you want to take advantage of more advanced features, you may sign up for those with a premium subscription. Whichever you decide to choose, don’t forget to have fun while creating your collage.


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