Top 5 Collage Maker Apps for a Hassle-Free Edits

A photo collage is an assortment of pictures put in together to make one single picture. It is typically made out of personal photographs or with similar images for business or even private purposes. It could also be described as a work of art that lets you combine all the best and most memorable photos, resulting in one holistic summary.

With a few numbers of images people can display at once, a collage is an excellent way to let people see as many of it as possible. Many beginner phone photographers want to try out making a collage but fear that it might be mind-numbing. With today’s free photo collage maker apps, you can come up with professional-looking results without the hassle.


If you are into photo collage making or even photo-editing, BeFunky collage maker app may be suitable for you. This application is considered highly intuitive, making it easier for beginners to learn and get the hang of it. It offers numerous layouts and collage templates to choose from.

The application has “incorporated free stock image websites,” wherein you can search for and pick photos if your layout format does not have a couple of pictures. If you’re feeling sluggish, you can let the application produce a collage for you instantly. It has a desktop version and is also available on both Android and iOS devices.

Layout From Instagram

The Layout from Instagram is easy to use. Consistent with its name, it’s most grounded suit is that it allows its users to try different things with the collage layout. It may not have the same number of photo-editing or collage making tools as other applications. However, it has all that you have to make proficient looking for pictures.

If you are looking for an effortless and simple way to create your collage, this application is a must-download app. The individuals behind Instagram create it, and it also lets you make dazzling photo collages without any problem. In case you want to give this a try, you can download it via Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.


If you do not have enough graphic design experience but is aiming to make your social media account look professional, Canva is the ideal application for you. Although this app is mainly for photo-editing, it also has a photo collage maker. Regardless of a wide selection of its editing features, users still find it easy to use.

Canva also gives you an option to adjust your image size and templates – from an iPhone wallpaper size up to a Facebook cover banner. This application is free. However, if you want to take advantage of a lot more options, you may sign up for a premium account. A free web version is also there, so you can use it from your desktop.

Adobe Spark

Another amazingly easy free collage maker app that you can have is the Adobe Spark. If you believe that all Adobe applications are very technical, not this one! This application is said to be very handy but surely keep its Adobe’s high-performance quality that their programs always have.

Aside from photo collage making, Adobe Sparks also allows you to make minimal edits on your photos and even video recordings. Just like most of the applications are, it is also available for iOS and Android downloads.

Google Photos

It may be one of the underappreciated photo collage makers. The Google Photos mainly serves as a folder of your images on google. In case you don’t know, the Google Photos mobile application gives you the option to create your own collages.

As of now, the app only features six collage templates. Its users can add up to nine photos of their choosing. Since it only has limited options, using Google Photos is easy. It is best for people who don’t need a lot of edits to their photos. This has an online version that you can enjoy through your browser or download it on your Android and iOS cellphones.


Collages help an individual share a story by sorting out numerous pictures into cohesive work. It isn’t so easy to do, yet it tends to be scary for first-timers. Fortunately, most collage maker applications are profoundly intuitive and easy to utilize. A great deal of them is accessible for free. So, if you want to explore and enhance your collage making skills, pick one application from above and give it a shot.


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