What Is a Rosin Press and Why Marijuana Growers Love It

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The rosin press is a relatively new fixture to hit the cannabis concentrates market, but even in a short amount of time, it has made quite the impression. This solvent-free processing method for creating concentrated marijuana is in high demand, and it’s no surprise as to why.

The two main reasons that marijuana users and growers alike are loving rosin are purity and potency. A high-quality rosin press is capable of making an extremely pure, potent product that rivals even the most advanced extraction methods of our time.

What Is Rosin?

Before understanding what a rosin press is and how it works, you should have a general idea of what rosin is. Maybe you’ve seen it while browsing online dispensaries or shopping in your local cannabis store, and yet you have no idea what it actually is.

Rosin is a highly concentrated form of cannabis (which is why so many medical cannabis users love it) that has been extracted through a combination of heat, pressure, and time. When these things are combined through a rosin press, then a resinous sap-like substance is extracted from the cannabis flowers – and this is rosin.

What Is a Rosin Press?

Now that you have a general understanding of what rosin is, it’s time to get into the process of “pressing” rosin. Just as the name suggests, creating rosin involves pressing the bud so that it can extract the sticky sappy substance.

The pressing serves as the pressure that’s needed to extract, but there are two more elements involved: heat and time. The typical rosin press uses two plates, one on each side, and presses together with the cannabis in between. These plates are heated to a certain temperature and they press the bud for a specific amount of time.

The temperature and time required vary, but one important thing to remember is that overheating can degrade terpenes, flavors, and potency. The same goes for if the bud spends too much time within the press.

3 Types of Rosin Presses Explained

There are many different types of rosin presses on the market, ranging from very simple to extremely complicated. The type of rosin press you use depends on a few things, like how much rosin you’re trying to extract, your budget, and your comfort level with creating concentrates.

The DIY Rosin Press

If you’re just looking for a basic, easy to use device, then the DIY press is probably for you. A run-of-the-mill hair straightener is a perfect tool for pressing buds into rosin. Think about it… a hair straightening device is simply two plates that heat up, which is all you need to make rosin.

The beauty of using a hair straightener is the simplicity, but the main drawback is that it’s difficult to achieve the proper amount of pressure. Some cannabis growers use a clamp to increase pressure, but this is only mildly effective.

The Pneumatic Rosin Press

A pneumatic rosin press is not for beginners; it uses highly advanced technology to extract rosin and creates pressure using compressed air and capable of reaching a pressure of up to 2000 PSI. This high pressure paired with the ability to control heat often created quality resin that has retained terpenes and potency.

The Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic rosin presses are used by the profession cannabis producers and they’re the optimal choice for pressing high quantities of bud. This type of press creates pressure from a hydraulic cylinder and can reach extremely high PSI levels. It’s possible to make a DIY hydraulic press at home, but this isn’t suggested for beginners.

Why Rosin Presses Are So Popular in 2020

The main reason that rosin pressing has gained so much popularity in a short amount of time is the simplicity of the process. With the proper tools – which are easy to acquire – it can be done in just a matter of minutes.

According to this site, https://www.cannabisgrowingcanada.com/best-rosin-press/, “the main reason that so many Canadian ACMPR growers are choosing to transform their bud into rosin is that the rosin extraction process is completely solventless. This means that there are no foreign substances tainting your home-grown weed. It’s just pure bud.”

Growers love that they don’t need to use any foreign substances for the creation of rosin. All you need is the mechanical process involving heat, pressure, and time, and voila, you have yourself some high-quality rosin.

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