Invest through the EIS investment model with the help of Qazikoo Bank

The modern concept of banking is to facilitate a streamlined and secure financial service designed around the pace of modern-day life. All of these daily transactions are available to you online without leaving your home and unnecessary paperwork. Not only will you be exchanging money with no fees 24/7, but you will also receive an allowable overdraft facility as well as a cash loan system if required.

Qazikoo bank is a digital banking platform and start-up challenger bank that enables customers to perform their banking services quickly and easily wherever and whenever they want, whether at home, the office or abroad, morning or evening.

Through the Qazikoo mobile app, you can check the balance and transfer funds between your accounts, pay with your mobile phone, change money at a cheaper rate and more.

Qazikoo Bank has introduced a new idea for its business – it allows each individual as well as companies to invest through the EIS investment model.

Advantages of EIS investment to Qazikoo Bank are:

  1. Helping young businesses prosper;
  2. Individuals and businesses can raise finances by giving tax breaks to investors;
  3. A quick and easy way for an investor to create a portfolio in start-ups.

Traditional methods of investing are outdated. Digital banking with Challenger Banks like Qazikoo are the future. Qazikoo Bank offers standard products structured as needed by clients in the foreign exchange, money and capital markets. Following applicable regulations and availability on the domestic market, it is possible to contract all types of hedging instruments when investing via the EIS investing model. Relying on dedicated staff, Qazikoo Bank enables its customers to access high-value services. Experienced and talented teams of experts are at your disposal, just click here


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