Chewing Tobacco Flavor Overview

As the most of you might know that chewing tobacco is one of those products that is gaining more popularity with time. It is consumed by chewing and placing it between your lower lips or gum. By chewing the nicotine is released and unwanted fluids are then spat out. Very popular among adults that are looking for a smokeless alternative to traditional smoking. Chewing tobacco is a product category that has been around for a very long time but now with smoking on the decline, products that dont produce smoke are becoming more used around the world.

These products are gaining popularity because of the first main thing ‘chewing’, as chewing the only way we as human being consume food and other large number of essentials. Use of sweets or flavors is strictly prohibited in cigarettes but other smokeless tobaccos continue to be the most interest gaining products. Smokeless tobacco also has advantages in that you are not producing secondhand smoke that is a complaint of many people about being around regular smokers. Black Buffalo provide four different flavors in their products these four different flavors are:

  • Mint
  • Wintergreen
  • Peach
  • Straight


This is a mint flavored long cut chew made from mint. That provides the best pack of freshness and a punch of nicotine. If we look into the history of this flavor we find that it is one of the first flavors that they began to produce. This taste gives freshness throughout your mouth. Mint is one of the most popular flavors on the market and definitely a great choice for users that enjoy tobacco dip mint flavor.


Packed in a 1.2 oz plastic container. This kind have more of the bolder flavor, and the right amount of nicotine. This flavor has a bold taste and many people prefer wintergreen. Another popular flavor in the tobacco dip world, wintergreen flavor is an option if you enjoy having a little flavor to your chewing tobacco experience.


Peach flavor is rich in taste and may even confuse someone if they were eating fully ripped peach specifically collected from the best garden in the countryside. Chewing tobacco with peach flavor is great and really enjoyable. There are great options for peach online but really one of the best products is the black buffalo peach which they carry on their website.


A flavor that provides a sweet taste that lasts long in your mouth. Straight long cut packs a solid mouth fill, a punch of nicotine that best suits your desires and the pop of flavor that may satisfy your saliva. Prepared from the best recipes. The taste that it provides is the only thing you might crave after your long day of hard work and after its consumption you may think that all your hard work just paid off but remember that any and all products with nicotine are addictive and designed for adult smokers and dippers over the age of 21.

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