Vasily Kichigin highlights the importance of transparency in business

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Vasily Kichigin is the founder of Freelance Hustle, a digital marketing solutions provider that is focused on helping other people gain a stronger presence on Instagram and at the same time allows them to learn new skills to start making money on social media. Vasily has grown over the years in acceptance and popularity, working with big brands and celebrities from different parts of the world. Vasily recently revealed his seemingly unique recruitment approach and the significance of transparency, especially when getting new hands to build a business.

The concept of freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent times. Thanks to technological advancements and the increasing accessibility to the internet, more companies, business owners, and even individuals are hiring people to meet their needs without any physical interaction. The likes of have done a lot to open up space, creating a platform that easily connects service providers with their clients. Vasily Kichigin has carved a niche for himself as a professional freelancer, with his exceptional online marketing services helping to shoot him to the limelight not just as a freelancer but as a companion to businesses and individuals that want to leverage the internet to achieve success in the 21st century.

Vasily’s remarkable success in a relatively short while has attracted the attention of clients worldwide. Consequently, he needed to expand his business to meet the needs of his clients. This required hiring more hands, which opened him to a side of the hustle he was seemingly unfamiliar with – the recruitment process.

Vasily used Instagram to put together his team of freelancers from Russia and the Philippines. While the use of Instagram was particularly unique, Vasily learned an important lesson as he worked towards building a formidable team of freelancers. The lesson learned as he tried hiring top talent was the need to understand the goal of every potential employee.

“One of the most important lessons I learned when hiring top talent was that you really need to speak to the person and understand his or her goals and visions. I believe it’s crucial to have trust in your team member and be transparent with your plans and actions,” said Vasily Kichigin.

Vasily’s principle of transparency has seemingly worked well for as Freelance Hustle has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, with a growing client base.

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