Eight unique themes for creating a family photo album

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Family plays a huge part in our lives and there’s no better way to celebrate each of the special moments and events than with a photo album that can be shared with generations to come. Every year you’re creating new memories that are easy to forget with the passage of time, so why not showcase them instead!

But if you have thousands of photos to select from, you might be struggling with where to start. In this article, we’ll share with you eight unique ways to design a family photo album, with a theme that will appeal to everyone.

A year-in-review family photo album

One of the most popular ways of designing a family photo album is by creating a year-in-review book, filled with all of the special milestones and moments from the previous 12 months. You can include photos from birthday parties, holidays and the annual family vacation, as well as significant events such as graduations or concerts. If you opt to create a new album each year, it’s an effective way of seeing how the family has grown and developed new life skills along the way.

The vacation that was

Holidays are a time to relax and create memories as a family as you escape the stresses of work and study. Whether it’s an overseas vacation or a camping trip to a local national park, be sure to document all of the once-in-a-lifetime moments that make holidays so special. By collating them into a family vacation photo books, you can gift the finished product to a grandparent or your new college student as a keepsake when they leave the family home.

Celebrate a new family member

A newborn baby turns the world upside down, not just for the parents but for the entire family. So why not collect memories of all those first interactions and moments as your new baby meets their siblings, grandparents and unofficial “aunties” so that they are preserved for your child as they grow into a young adult. You can include snaps of their first Christmas and first birthday party, as well as those in the extended “village” of people who support and love them.

Honour an elderly family member

Perhaps your grandfather’s turning 80 or your grandmother’s beginning her retirement. Why not create a family photo album that celebrates everything they’ve done for their offspring. It’s a simple but inspiring way of saying “thank you” for all the sacrifices made throughout their lifetime to give their children and their grandchildren the best in life. You can include photos of them when they were young and with the ones they love the most, as well as words of thanks from the entire family.

The family pet

In some families, it’s the four-legged friend who’s the centre of the world. So why not honour them with a family album featuring photos of your beloved pet and the special moments they’ve created with those around them. Considering the short lifespan of some animals, it’s a simple way of remembering what they meant to the family and preserving their memory well after they’ve gone.

Create a family tree

If you’ve ever been curious about where you’ve come from, then creating a family tree has probably crossed your mind. But rather than keeping all of that info about grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents hidden away in a drawer somewhere, why not showcase it for future generations in a family tree photo album. You can include photos and documents detailing your ancestry, together with newspaper clippings of relevant events in history that have shaped your family today.

The changing seasons

Looking for a logical way to organise your family photo album? Categorising photos according to the changing seasons is an effective approach and a great way of remembering your favourite family traditions. From the first snow day in winter to the floral blooms of spring and summer days spent at the beach, a seasonal photo album instantly connects your family’s activities with the natural world around you.

School days

School plays a huge part in a child’s life and is where many of their ideas about the world develop. So why not create an album dedicated to their achievements, including photos from the first day of each year, graduation ceremonies and everything that happens in between. You can feature artworks and report cards with feedback from their teachers, as well as some funny quotes from your child about their school days.

Aside from being a treasured memento, a family photo book also makes a fantastic gift for grandparents or those who live far away. So rather than keeping your family photos hidden away on your phone, your laptop or in a dusty drawer, showcase them for the world to see in a beautifully designed creation.

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