Innovative Solution: 7 Android Antivirus Apps For Your Mobile Security

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Android phones can handle multiple tasks such as mobile banking and saving your documents and personal information. Thus, it is vital to keep it secure by installing some of the credible antivirus apps and even a full-featured firewall freeware to protect it from internet threats. This article highlights some of the authenticated antivirus apps for your android phones that you can use this 2020. These are the apps that develop more innovative mobile security.

Bitdefender Antivirus

This is widely known in the context of mobile security for its incomparable functions. Unlike other apps, Bitdefender Antivirus doesn’t run in the background of your mobile phone, which saves the battery life and frees up storage space. The app doesn’t need you to check and run your newly installed apps to check them manually for the possible virus. Instead, your new apps will be automatically scanned.

It will not also stress users in providing some too detailed configuration. As long as you already installed the app, it will be automatically ready with no required configuration to make it accessible. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial Bitdefender Antivirus for extra security of your mobile phone. This features anti-theft and additional protection for your mobile phone.

McAfee Security & Power Booster Free

McAfee Security is not just famous for personal computer security. Its antivirus features are also useful for android phones, making it known for android users. The antivirus scanner includes tracking features. Meaning, it can track lost devices. The app can take a photo of the thief if ever your phone is stolen.

It can also scan your installed apps if it leaks your personal information and locks them up. It will not allow malicious websites to disrupt your mobile phone. To track nuisance texts and calls, McAfee Security & Power Booster Free can give you a blacklist of them.

Avast Mobile Security

The free version of the Avast Mobile Security app includes a firewall, call blocker, and anti-theft features allowing you to wipe or lock your Android phone if it goes missing. Before, the antivirus app should be paid first before you can utilize it.

But now, with the initiative of the developer, it is free for Android users with ads. These ads can be removed by monthly or yearly payment. The premium version allows you to use the “in-app locking” feature that requires your pin every time you open a specific app.


AVG antivirus app for Android includes photo vault,  wi-fi security scanner, and app lock. These features help protect your documents. It also enhances phone performance by killing unnecessary processes in the phone, deleting junk files, and even turning off battery-draining settings.

The app also boasts its anti-theft feature, as well as tracking the lost phone using Google Maps. It can also take a few photos of anyone that tried to unlock your phone. These photos will be immediately emailed to you.  If the thief is trying to change the SIM cards, the AVG antivirus app can lockdown your phone. Entering VPN for anonymous surfing and blocking callers are some of its additional privacy settings that make that app useful nowadays, and becomes one of the most well-known apps in Google Play.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky has the same reputation as the famous Bitdefender antivirus app. According to AV-Test’s trials, the free version of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus can detect 99.9% malicious software. It can also block untrusted links before you can click it. This is a big help in preventing infection to your android phone.

Norton Security and Antivirus

This virus scanner app powered by Norton can detect Android malware up to 100%. It scans and automatically removes viruses from files and apps. It can also lock your mobile phone through SMS messages. Your device can be remotely locked in case it goes missing.

AhnLAb V3 Mobile Security

Although the AhnLAb V3 Mobile Security app is not famous like other related scanners, this South Korean app can effectively detect malicious software up 99.6% even in the older versions of Android devices. It also features a built-in booster to enhance the performance of your device.


Android devices have become one of the standard necessities in this digital generation. We share and save our essential files and documents through this device. Thus, we should always keep it secure with the help of antivirus apps mentioned above.

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