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3 Wedding Rental Necessities

When it comes to your wedding, have you figured out exactly what you need or are you stumped? Have you made it your mission to ask married couples what they rented for their wedding day? Bistro tables and chairs? Sofas and chaise lounges? Lamp and lantern rentals? While every wedding is unique, you’ll be glad to know there are some common needs. Here are three wedding rental necessities to consider as you plan your big day.

1. Tables and Seating

If your wedding features a sit-down or buffet-style meal, wedding table rentals are a necessity. Whether you go with assigned or random seating, tables offer your guests a place to relax and eat while they enjoy your wedding. Gathering your guests around a table is also one of the best ways for them to get to know each other and create lifetime relationships.

While tables and seating are primarily functional, they also afford you and your partner the chance to accentuate your wedding’s theme and your style. If you’re going for a country-casual vibe, you might consider picnic tables or bench seating. If more intimate seating arrangements interest you, Orleans bistro tables and chairs may fit the bill.

2. Bar Furniture

For weddings that serve drinks, bar furniture is indispensable and necessary. More than a refreshment station, a bar provides a gathering place for socializing and celebration. It’s a common area where all your guests can mingle for a few minutes before returning to their table, seat or the dance floor.

Bar furniture is available in a variety of styles. A rustic Sonoma wine barrel bar table might appeal to you if you’re planning on offering a variety of wines in an outdoor venue. A London buffet is a great choice for a slightly more formal antique-themed wedding. Don’t forget the whimsical lemonade-stand and mercantile bars! As you can see, bar furniture brings utility and character to your wedding event.

3. Glassware

At most weddings, glassware is a necessary part of the proceedings. It accompanies toasts and speeches and helps to keep your guests hydrated and comfortable. It’s also a way to infuse your big day with your style when you incorporate your wedding theme or colors. From gold-rimmed goblets and coupes to blush champagne flutes, your chosen glassware can have a big impact on your table settings and your guests.

Glassware rental is a simple and effective way to bring color and texture to your wedding. In combination with linens, serving ware, and cake and desserts displays it can significantly enhance your guests’ dining experience.

Fulfill Your Nuptial Needs

Now that you’ve had time to consider these three wedding rental necessities, you’ve probably thought of other items that you can’t live without. Whether it’s candlestick or lantern rentals, you can find these items and more at your local specialty event design and rentals company. Visit the company’s showroom or browse its online inventory today. There’s no better way to decide on the items that will make your wedding special and comfortable for you and your guests.