How Much Value Does A Loft Conversion Add To Your Property?

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If you’ve ever thought about extending your home, it’s highly likely that you will have considered a loft conversion at some point. In the crowded environment in which most of us live, where ‘going out sideways’ isn’t always an option, a loft conversion can and often is the perfect option. 

The question asked by many however, is just how much value will that loft conversion add to your property? When done right, loft conversions have been known to add around 21% to the overall value of your property. In fact, Nationwide have carried out recent studies which have shown when a loft conversion offers another en-suite bedroom, the average price of a property can rise up by a whopping 24.5% in some cases (London).

Ensuring You Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

When you’re faced with facts and figures like this, it can seem like a no brainer however, there are of course considerations to make. To give you the most in-depth information possible, we went to Clapham Construction Service, specialists in loft conversions and extensions. Here are their top considerations for you to make before moving forward with a loft conversion.

  • Is A Loft Conversion The Best Option? – while you may have dreamed about converting your loft, you need to make a decision based on facts, not emotion. Is it the best option or would a ground floor extension be better? Weight up the costs and benefits of every option available to you. It may even be worth talking to a local estate agent to see how much money it’s likely to add to your property. 
  • Will You Need Planning Permission? – find out whether you need planning permission. If you do, this will raise the cost and may even mean your loft conversion taking much longer than expected.
  • Consider Different Designs – do you want a simple loft conversion or are you looking for something more complex? The latter will incorporate far more in costs although let’s not forget it will obviously add more in value too.
  • Consider Lost Space Too –  while you’ll obviously be gaining space, you’ll also be losing space too. Sound ridiculous? Consider where everything you store in your loft will go once you convert it to a playroom or ensuite bedroom. In some cases, you may even have to sacrifice the box room in order to create space for the stairs leading up to it. Is this worth doing?
  • Always Budget For Overspend – regardless of how well planned out, how smooth the construction work goes, there will always be overspend. Can you afford for this to happen? It’s always good practice to have a contingency fund of around 10%.
  • Room For An Ensuite? – If you really want to convert your loft into another bedroom, do make sure there’s space for an ensuite. While an extra bedroom is great, making your way down the stairs in the middle of the night isn’t necessarily practical and could be off-putting to future buyers.

Loft Conversion Specialists At Your Disposal

If you’re looking for loft conversion specialists in your area, we highly recommend getting in touch with Clapham Construction Service. With over 20 years experience in loft conversions and extensions, Clapham Construction Service are the company you’ll want at your disposal. Call 020 3950 7957.

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