5 Best Brain Food For Studying

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Students have to study a lot and often sacrifice their sleep and rest to complete writing assignments. Therefore, it is crucial to eat healthy to help your brain in such an active mental activity, as well as improve its performance. So, we have chosen 5 main good study food for students, which you should add to your diet.


Start eating raspberries and blueberries, and you will get a good amount of vitamins and improve your memory. These berries contain antioxidants that provide an anti-edge effect on the brain and stimulate blood flow to it. Blueberries will increase your concentration and vision and you won’t have to order paper online, because you will easily cope with a pile of assignments. It is enough to consume these berries once a day to achieve excellent results.

Seafood (Fish and Oysters)

Redfish and seafood are very good for health, especially for brain function. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, so you should definitely add this food to your diet. Even one serving of fish per week significantly reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Oysters are also very useful and are packed with a high content of zinc and iron, which will help you easily remember the necessary facts.

Nuts and Seeds

They are known for their high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids content, which are very beneficial for the human brain. Besides, you can get the necessary amount of thiamine and magnesium to improve your cognitive function and memory.

  • Walnuts are an excellent source of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. This nut is also rich in vitamins C, P, PP, and increases the brain activity of students.
  • Brazil nut is one of the fattiest nuts, but it is also an excellent source of selenium. It is the most necessary element for our brains.
  • Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of vitamins A and B, various acids and they help to reduce body fatigue and improves mood.

So nuts are excellent brain food for exams. You should consume them wisely, and nutritionists advise eat to 30-50 grams per day. Following this advice, you won’t say – “Do my college homework!” You will be among the best-performing students and will do your papers with ease. 


Not all students like vegetables, but you should add some foods to your diet:

  • A huge amount of vitamins contains carrots. You can get from this vegetable luteolin that will reduce the risks of developing inflammatory diseases of the brain and improve your memory. We also know that this vegetable is rich in carotene, and it is necessary for our vision. People who eat one carrot per day receive a daily dose of vitamin A!
  • Another healthy vegetable is beets. It contains iodine, iron, and glucose, and these components are necessary for good brain function. You can eat raw and boiled beets, but doctors recommend eating 150 grams of beets per day and no more.
  • Start eating spinach and cabbage, because they will help you memorize study material better. These vegetables are also rich in vitamins B6 and B12, iron, and folic acid. There are a lot of varieties of cabbage, so you will definitely find something tasty for yourself.


Perhaps this is the most delicious food on our listings! Everyone loves pears, apples, and apricots, and they have a positive effect on the brain. These fruits contain iron, which provides the brain with oxygen and its good function. Doctors recommend consuming at least 300 – 400 grams of these fruit per day for an adult. We also recommend eating oranges, because they contain a huge amount of vitamin C, which prevents mental decline. You should eat only one medium orange to get the daily intake of this vitamin. Besides, you can find vitamin C in kiwi and guava.

The Enemies of Students 

Now you know what to eat to maintain good brain function, concentration, and memory. However, there are bad foods that worsen your productivity and grades. You should stop consuming sugary food and trans fats. It does not only cause obesity and increases the risk of diabetes, but also harm your brain.

And the second enemy of students is undone assignment. It makes you feel stressed, guilty, and even worse your concentration. So you should contact Speedypaper.com and write to the support assistance “do my homework for me“. They will help you with the ordering process, and after it, you can stop worrying about your paper. Look through essay services review, and you will see how many students are happy with their choice of a writing company.

Control what you eat, be healthy, and study well!

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