How Window Shutters Can Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Our environment and the world we live in has been at the forefront of most discussions lately. Why? Well, the fact that we only have one is pretty important. Whether it’s fossil fuels or simple abuse, our planet is in need of our help and one of the quickest ways we can do that is through cutting our energy use.

Whether you want to cut your energy use to help our planet or simply want to cut down those dreaded monthly energy bills, there’s one very easy addition you can make to your home that will help – bespoke window shutters

Quality window shutters can help to quickly block out and absorb heat during hot weather, avoiding the need for AC units (something that’s fast becoming more common here in the UK) as well as helping to keep the heat in your home during the colder months, thus reducing the need to have your central heating or wood burners quite so high. Don’t believe us? Then carry on reading below as we list the ways that quality window shutters can help you lower your energy bills now.

Interior Window Shutters & Your Energy Bills

  • Provide A Barrier – interior window shutters, whether you choose full height window shutters or tier on tier, will provide space between the window itself and the shutter. This space will create a barrier stopping hot or cold air from entering the home. Preventing too much heat from entering the home will naturally reduce the need for portable AC units to be used. This simply increases the energy efficiency of your home and in turn reduces your AC bill in the long term.
  • Provide Light Regulation – interior shutters are best known for their flexibility. They provide additional security in the form of a solid window dressing while still allowing the user to enjoy maximum light control. When ordering bespoke window shutters from the likes of the UK’s leading window shutter provider Diamond Shutters, buyers can choose from a range of louver sizes to enable even more light through should that be one of the main objectives. By allowing more light to enter the property, the property owner will naturally use less lighting inside the home thus reducing bills further as electricity isn’t used as much to light the home.
  • Provide Added Insulation – much like interior shutters work as a barrier for your home, they can provide added insulation too. Did you know heat loss is most prevalent through the windows as well as the loft? With interior shutters however, you can stop up to 50% of radiant heat transfer, keeping your home naturally warmer. Shutters are a much thicker material than the likes of blinds and curtains, which is why they lend themselves to providing added insulation, retaining your home’s temperature that could be poorly affected by low quality or dated window seals. 

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