Personal Injury Law – What You Need To Know

The term “personal injury” is a legal term that relates to injury or damage to the body, psyche or emotions of a person, rather than damage to property. Many of us go out of our way to insure the cars we drive and the homes we live in against damages, but many of us don’t give a lot of thought to potential damage to ourselves personally.

While it’s a good idea to have some form of life insurance or income protection insurance, in many cases pertaining to suffering a personal injury, you don’t actually have to have any form of personal insurance to make a damages claim.

The best thing you can do if you’ve suffered a personal injury is to speak with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer. They’ll be able to weigh up your case and determine whether you can claim compensation or not, depending on your circumstances and where the accident/injury occurred.

Without speaking with an expert who fully understands the law, you’ll simply be guessing about your possible options.

As the majority of law firms who specialise in personal injury compensation claims offer your first consultation with them free of charge, you’ve got zero to lose by talking with a lawyer to see where you stand.

Don’t just sweep the incident under the rug. Find out if you’re eligible to claim compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

What Does Personal Injury Law Cover?

The law takes into account a whole hosts of things attached to your accident. For example, if you suffer a broken leg due to a slip or fall incident, there can be a lot more to your situation as a result other than just the physical damage and medical expenses.

Some people may suffer stress following the accident, depending on what actually happened and how traumatic it was. This could result in psychological issues as well as emotional upheaval. All this is taken into consideration regarding the full extent of your suffering.

Add to this your inability to perform your regular duties, such as not being able to go to work and earn money. If a personal injury results in a loss of income for a period on time, then that’s something that can definitely be claimed against the insurance companies as well as everything else.

The whole idea of personal injury law is to protect citizens and compensate them in any way that’s required. This at least helps soften the blow, so to speak, and enables you a chance to fully recover and get back to normal life.

Examples of Incidents Where a Claim Can Be Made

Car accidents are a common example of personal injury. Compulsory third party public liability insurance is built into every motor vehicle’s registration fees. It’s this insurance that covers people against personal injury due to a motor vehicle accident.

This insurance is not confined to the drivers of vehicles only, but also covers the passengers, pedestrians, riders and passengers on motorcycles, and cyclists.

If you’ve been injured in any form of motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, then you have a great case to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Another common example is the slip and fall incident in a supermarket or shopping mall. Perhaps there is a water leak from the ceiling, or the floor was recently mopped and no hazard signage in place. You slip and fall and fracture your arm. That’s a valid claim right there.

Other slip and fall incidents might be a result of a hole in the ground or uneven pavement that causes you to trip. Many of us have probably witnessed an elderly person stumbling and falling on uneven tiles, pavers or a broken footpath.

Personal injury law also covers things inside your home or the home of others you are visiting. An accident could be a result of faulty workmanship by a tradie, or tools and debris left around for people to trip over.

Many people don’t realise they have a right to make a claim for personal injury compensation, simply because they’re not fully aware of the laws surrounding personal injury.

If you’ve been injured, make a free appointment to speak with a lawyer who specialises in personal injury claims.


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