Short Interview with Tomas Samalionis

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This is truly the world of wonders, many individuals believe it and making their dreams come true by working hard on their mission. Today we met with an extraordinary entrepreneur Tomas Samalionis and had a short little interview about himself and how he became a success. In this interview, he shared with us some of the most important questions that many people have regarding achieving success in the business world. Tomas Samalionis also shared with us, his life and how he became such a success. These are some of the questions we were able to ask him and the answers represent how he responded.

Hi Thomas, Thank You For Being With Us Today. We Are Going To Start By Asking You The Most Cliché Question. How Was Your Childhood?

Well, nobody has ever asked that question before but here we go, I was born in Lithuania, I grew up in a small town called Siauliai and completed my education in the same town and got a degree in arts and design there as well, there I fell in love with photography and found my passion. In 2002 I moved to the United States and have been here since then.

When Did You Decide That You Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur?

Well I have been working in the United States from 2002 and since then I had the dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, it just took 14 years for me to have the courage and experience in the industry that I finally decided to pursue self-employment. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur never escaped my mind and I always tried to learn as much as I can so that it will be able to help me when I decide to finally take the leap of faith.

If We Look At The Statistics, The Younger Generation Tends To Have More Problems When Starting Their Business What Seems To Cause That?

Well, the biggest problem the younger generation faces in building their own business or company, is the lack of funds. The younger generation doesn’t have access to the amount that is needed to start their own business. Plus another factor is that they simply don’t have the experience that is required to make it work.

In Your Opinion, What Qualities A Person Must Have To Achieve Success In The Business World?

Well I have said it before and I am saying it again if a person wants to achieve big in the business world, there two things a person must have or learn. The first is dedication, you have no idea about the number of failures I have had over the years, but I was dedicated and persistent enough to get things done and because of that dedication, I am here today. The second most important thing is time management. You can have all the work you ever wanted, but if you don’t have enough time management skills, you will never be able to complete them. If you have or can learn these two skills you will be able to make it in the business world.

Finally, What Advice You Will Give To The People That Look Up To You For Inspiration?

That is quite easy, I always tell youngsters that my biggest skills are time management and the ability to prioritize the daily task. This helps me stay ahead of the game and made me who I am today if you can learn these two skills and apply them in your endeavors you will always succeed. Another thing that I tell people is that do not be afraid to take a risk, as the famous quote goes “high-risk gain high rewards” and it is exactly the case.

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