XEV presents 3D printed YOYO electric city cars

Chinese startup firm X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) has joined the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the compact urban electric vehicle YoYo. The car is built using 3D-printed parts with customization possibilities.

The developers simplified the design as much as possible in order to save materials and reduce the weight with the subsequent cost reduction and greater fuel efficiency. 2-seat car is claimed to fit into the L7 vehicle category, that is, it can be regarded as a quadricycle: the mass of the vehicle without batteries does not exceed 450 kg and together with the batteries reaches 530 kg. The length of the car is 2.5 m, the width with rear-view mirrors is 1.85 m, the height is 1.575 m.

Most likely, some polymer components will still be made by injection molding, although the developers claim that YoYo will be “the first fully 3D-printed electric car.” The prototype, presented last spring, was fully built with 3D-printed plastic parts, except the frame, windows, propulsion system and seats.

At that time the developers claimed that due to the use of additive technologies it was possible to reduce the number of components in a car from 2000 to 57. The cost price was claimed to drop by about 70%. Now customers are offered options for cars customization with  the possibility to choose different 3D-printed relief drawings and name panels.

Batteries of the car can be charged at home. There is also an option of quick battery replacement by technicians. The car will control the charge of the battery and its own location, and if necessary, inform technical services, so that they could find the car and change the batteries. The service will be available for a subscription fee in the EU. YoYo is designed for Europe, and the startup firm was registered in Italy.

The car features a 7.5 kW motor with 22 kW peak power for 30 seconds. A full charge of lithium iron phosphate batteries provides 150 km of mileage at a speed of up to 70 km/h. The baggage hold is 180 liters. The electric car is equipped with airbags and anti-lock braking system. The roof, doors and the front part are reinforced with a steel frame.

The cost of the basic model is €5,999 with shipping starting in December, 2020. It is possible to get the car a month earlier with customized doors and a lifetime warranty for €7,999.

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