Best Car Magazines to Read

Are you the person who smiles at the revving of a car? Then these glossy papers of style is bound to take you on the ride to the land of dreams. You are sure to be enchanted by the eclectic choices that are printed right on your heart. Not all motor freaks are readers, but all those of you with such a fanaticism should take a look into the pages of perfectly engineered exhilaration. Car magazines aren’t new to the market; it’s been here for decades now. Since the creation of the first car, magazines have functioned efficiently in providing the people with information related to automobiles. Working of both cars and motorbikes have fascinated every passing generation, and this enthusiasm within the fanatics has never dropped.

Automobiles with their sleek and beast-like body have always been one big revenue-generating product. When it comes to the compact printed form, people buy them to check for the features and reviews of the cars in the market. The visual marvel in the magazines alone can fuel the urge to flee to the stores to book your ride. Hit the accelerator and drift through the list of the top 4 magazines available now. 

1. MotorTrend

Motor Trend is an American automobile magazine that launched its first edition in September 1949. It has grown to become one of the most recognized and highly reputed car magazines. They conduct road tests and publish the reviews of every new automobile to provide the potential buyers with detailed insight into it. The Trend is the section that makes content about all that’s happening in the automobile industry. As the whole world is being digitalized, so has MotorTrend with its online version, which comes with better features. The factor of convenience has made the magazine users shift to this virtual platform. Now, all it takes to compare the Chevy Malibu to the Impala is a click. 

2. Car and Driver

A magazine that has always caught the attention of the readers with its top position on the shelves. It was founded in 1955 in New York City, and it was initially known as Sports Cars Illustrated. Everyone working for this magazine does their best to create accurate and genuine content related to automobiles. They previously ran a Television show for about six years and now is actively providing the techies with all the information online. 

3. Hot Rod Magazine

If you are looking for a unique experience of reading through the pages of an automobile magazine, Hot Rod would be the best pick. What came into the market as a simple compilation of automobile information has shot up to be ranked in the top five list. Nothing in the world could be traded for the feeling that kindles within, as that smell of the magazine diffuses into you. For the same reason, even now, many of the enthusiasts prefer tangibility.

4. Road & Track

Are you a fan of sports cars? Don’t run for other options, Road & Track is tailor-made for you. Life may or may not get you behind the wheel of such a supercar/sports car, but you can for sure create half the experience, by diving right into the pages of revving metal and rotating rubber.


The ones given above are just a few among the numerous magazines being sold in the market. These magazines are indeed the haven for automobile enthusiasts. You can find all reliable information about automobiles both on the thin glossy papers and online websites. Nothing can beat the class those magazines carry, into which you can escape as and when you wish. 


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