CBD Review: is the “Weed Shop From Hell”

CBD is exploding in popularity.

From it’s medicinal uses to it’s relaxing powers, CBD is the newest craze in marijuana.

One CBD store has been making it’s customers unhappy as hell though – and that’s

Customers have tipped me off that the CBD is impotent, the ounces are far under the ounces states on the bottles, and the customer service makes people wish they were at a DMV.

The “Cloud N9ne CBD Sour Gummies” have been reported by many as impotent. These CBD gummies cost $124.99, and users are reporting they have little effect.

This is a disaster for any shopper, let alone someone on a budget that needs quality CBD.

The “CLOUD N9NE SYRUP” has also received many complaints. Some consumers have reported the syrup as low quality, others question whether it contains CBD at all.

And then there’s the customer service.

From getting screamed and cursed at by staff, to receiving the wrong orders in the mail, has earned a reputation as “the weed shop from Hell.”

With an industry as important to people as CBD, customers need to receive a good experience from their online or neighborhood CBD store.

Our recommendation is you can’t find that at Stay far away from their shops in the Las Vegas desert, and there are a thousand better CBD stores online. All of them, basically.


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