What Kind of Security is Best For Your Business?

For all business, safety and security are significant concerns. Every business should regularly review security policy to see what efforts are working, and what isn’t working to keep their customers, employees and store are safe and secure. Numerous businesses have been improving the security in their business through Video Guard CCTV.

Here are some ways that CCTV is the best security option for your business:

Deters Crime

CCTV or video surveillance can help prevent theft from happening in your business, by deterring thieves in the first place. Thieves will have second thoughts about breaking or entering or stealing if they know they are on camera, and someone is watching them. If a crime still takes place, there is video evidence to help in the investigation and prosecution in the future.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is another advantage of installing CCTV surveillance, which gives you the ability to monitor what’s happening inside and outside of your business, even when your miles away. This is a useful feature if there are multiple areas or rooms to monitor.

Lower Insurance

A video guard CCTV can help you lower your insurance premiums. Your insurance company may offer a discount on your monthly premiums if they know you’ve added surveillance to help secure your business because the cameras will deter thieves from entering your business. The CCTV surveillance footage also helps prove that a robbery happened at your company.

Secures Office Doors & Parking Lot

Your doors are the barriers that protect your businesses from crime. A surveillance camera watching your business doors lets you track and monitor everyone who enters and leaves. The parking lot of your business is another area that can be prone to crimes. A surveillance camera will help you, your employees and customers feel more comfortable and safer going from their vehicle to your business. 

Improve Cash Handling

Unfortunately, sometimes the most significant theft for a business is in-house. CCTV video surveillance helps monitor the cash handling and point of sale transactions in your industry. Cameras need to be placed in a position that gives you a clear view of the register.

24/7 Coverage

The majority of the time, thefts happen late at night when it is dark, and the business is empty. With video surveillance in place, your business is being guarded and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are broken into overnight, there is footage to help catch the thieves and retrieve the stolen goods.

Choosing the Correct CCTV

There are factors to consider when you are choosing CCTV video surveillance for your business.

  • Camera Resolution – it is essential to look for cameras with high resolution since it’ imperative to have clear footage in case of any break-ins or thefts.
  • Frame Rate – frame rate plays a significant role in the quality of your videos. The cameras need 30 frame rates per second to be beneficial in capturing footage.
  • Smartphone Tracking – You need to install a CCTV system that allows you to monitor and track by connecting your smartphone, especially in today’s world, when people rely on their mobile devices.
  • Video Compression – CCTV footage results in extensive video data, and it’s an excellent idea to compress the data to something that could easily be transmitted or stored. A camera that features H.264 compression rate is best.
  • Type of Camera – You need to decide on a kind of camera that will work best for your facility. Some of the most popular surveillance cameras on the market include infrared security cameras, dome cameras, pro box cameras or hidden cameras.
    • Infrared camera – these cameras produce high resolution during the day and can light areas when there is little or no light available for night
    • Dome camera- the dome offers a level of concealment and makes it harder for thieves to see the camera point in their direction.
    • Pro-box camera- this is a camera with high video quality and is a CCTV camera that a majority of banks use. This camera also works at night.
    • Hidden camera – this camera offers purchasers the highest level of surveillance for their business. It can be disguised as a smoke detector, sprinkler, clock or an exit sign.

Final Thoughts

Video Guard CCTV gives you, the business owner peace of mind knowing that your business is continuously being monitored and footage is taken.


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