Family friendly outings to try in Sydney

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From toddlers to teenagers, finding activities to keep the entire family entertained can be tough. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of family friendly outings in Sydney that suit pretty much all ages

Park Picnic

This is a classic family activity that will simply never go out of style. And luckily for us in Sydney, we’re blessed with some generally fabulous weather which allows us to enjoy picnics pretty much year-round. Whether you set up camp in Centennial park, pop a blanket down in the botanical gardens or simply head to your nearest park, there are plenty of gorgeous green spaces around Sydney where you can enjoy a good old fashioned family picnic.

Sometimes, a classic and relaxed picnic with sandwiches is plenty. Or, of course, if you have a large group or a few energetic children to entertain, you can always take some fun family lawn-games with you. From low maintenance Aussie classics like Thong Toss or cricket to three legged races or frisbee, there are plenty of things you can do at the park that the whole family can enjoy. Just remember to be sun-safe at all times!

Beach Day

Just as we are lucky to have lots of green spaces around us in Sydney, we’re also extremely fortunate to have several beaches to choose from. Whether you go big in Bondi or head out of town to family favourites like Wattamolla, there’s a beach within reasonable distance where you can enjoy a wonderful day outdoors with the family.

You can enjoy a couple of hours or make a whole day of it by taking a picnic. In some places, you can even take advantage of beachside BBQ stations. Again, just like with a park picnic, you can enjoy some fun family games to keep everyone entertained or simply enjoy the sun and sea.

Of course, some added extras add the beach include all sorts of water based fun such as surfing or simply just swimming. Again, remember to be sun safe as well as surf safe.

Rock Climbing

This might sound super scary and adventurous, but it’s actually a very safe family activity that can be enjoyed year-round. There are several indoor rock climbing facilities around Sydney which can be perfect rainy-day alternatives. With harnesses and on-site inductions, you and your kids will be perfectly safe and in many places, there are even play areas for younger kids too.

Social Clubs

Social club in Sydney are a great way to open up a world of different activities. These facilities are designed to bring communities together and cater to a wide range of people. Complete with restaurants, bars, bingo nights, live entertainment and all sorts of different clubs, they’re ideal for family outings.

Bowls Clubs

This is another fantastic way to make the most of Sydney’s wonderful weather. There are many barefoot bowls clubs scattered all around Sydney that are perfect for families and large groups. It’s easy to play and isn’t physically taxing which makes it perfect for people of all ages. It also offers a relaxed atmosphere where younger kids can run around whilst the adults enjoy some food and drink. If you’re a large group on a bit of a budget, there are some venues that have their own BBQs which you can use to cook your own food.


This is another great activity for a rainy day. Though not suitable for all ages, this is a great activity for kids, teenagers and reasonably adventurous adults. If booked in advance, it can also be a great idea for a birthday party of family celebration. Just don’t give the kids too much sugar beforehand or you’ll have your work cut out for you.

So there you go, some great ideas for family fun whatever the weather!

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