10 Facts you may not know about the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series

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To be honest, the release of the latest iPhones on the market came amidst some tension. To the customer, this was perhaps just another release. To Apple, this was a tight rope that had to be walked right.

With android giants like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi pulling impressive stunts with their advanced phones, Apple has noted decreasing sales with their phones section. This has not only toughened the game for them but also made their investors more aware about where the company is headed with their phone manufacturing.

Could this release have been their savior?

Here is a glimpse at what the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have to offer. It is helpful to note that some of the facts listed on this article may not have made the headlines yet.

1. The cryptic U1 chip

While this is set to be of even better use in future, the latest iPhone users can benefit from it with Airdrop. As it is, Airdrop allows transfer of documents across other iphone devices. However, in a room with many iphone users, it can be hard for airdrop to identify which particular one should receive the file. The u1 chip allows for the sender to point their phone to the one that they desire to send their files to.

2. The two images on the camera don’t match up

The wide lens gives you much to consider while taking a shot. As the image is portrayed on the screen, you can get to see what else you are missing out through the ultra-wide lens which displays its image in a greyed-out frame, around the wide lens image. This is a cool feature that lets you know the other image that you could take and see for yourself if the latter is the prettier one. Even better, this feature allows you to know that both lenses, despite their unequal focal lengths, are working together.

3. The night mode feature is not unreal

Other manufacturers have a done a good job making the dimmest sitautions look brighter with their cameras. The iPhone 11 and 11 pro max have come with a better experience. Not only do they bring life to the dim setting, but also do it without exaggerating. Basically, it makes the existing colors pop without making it feel unreal.

4. Arcade got a new offering

If you are a game developer, then you better relate with what this means. Amazon had something close to this without in-app purchases, except its games were older unlike Apple’s. Arcade is now offering their games free from any in-app purchases. This allows delveopers to earn money from the games in a whole new way. Truth is, developers are excited about this because it allows them an opportunity to come up with games they’ve only wildly dreamed of in the past.

5. The battery life is better

For a phone that has its critics up in arms about the poor battery life, iPhone 11 seems to attract a better testimony. While this may not stand the test compared to noteworthy android devices, it fairs better to the XS max. For the same level of activity, an XS max can get to 35% while iPhone 11 pro is at 70%.

6. Minimalist camera settings

Apple has managed to integrate the advanced functions in an intuitive way to avoid the hassle. For instance, by holding your focal point, the phone readjusts to the desired settings automatically. This means that one does not need to be a professional photographer to capture a good photo with it.

The narrative gets even sweeter with the iPhone 11. Locating the settings has become neater and easier. Swiping the display or tapping the arrow at the screen-top, brings to view six short cut winks. These are: night mode settings, filters, flash, live settings, aspect ratio, and timers. That means, you can still get sophistication with little to no complications.

7. The tactile transparent case

The best iPhone 11 case is one that gets to serve the purpose. Apple announced their transparent cases alongside their announcement of the iPhone 11. One great aspect of this case is that you get to experience the phone’s full aesthetic. With nothing standing in the way of the design-appeal, it sure helps maintain the designers vibe. Second, it is smashing. It is tactile with a soft ridge to keep the lenses safe. The edge also creeps round all the way to the front, to shield the screen when face-down.

8. Upgraded Face ID compatibility

If you love the Face ID feature in iPhone, then you will love what iPhone 11 offers. It is 30% faster and is more responsive to different angles. That means, you can access it from different sitting positions without having to bring it to your face. You would think that this would come with the hardware upgrade but that is not the case. What wasn’t put out there is that any earlier iPhone can still get this feature with the iOS 13 release. Once the update is out, any previous models of iPhone that will be able to update to iOS 13, should have this capability.

9. Brand new shades for all the ten colors

Apple went a step further to ensure that no shade for any of the colors was a repeat from the previous models. Out of the ten colors the iPhone 11 comes in, three seem to be completely new attempts by Apple (purple, green, and the midnight green). However, all the other colors have also come in new shades altogether. The silver, yellow, red, and black are different compared to what has been there before. Another extra distinction is that the iPhone back is not glossy but matte.

10. The camera bump; who knew how it would turn out

Many anticipated for a single dedicated camera bump. Apple moved it a notch higher by doing an overlap on the two phones. The iPhone 11 has a matte camera bump and gloss back, while the pro handsets come with a polished bump and a matte back. It is subtle, yes, but that’s Apple for you.

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