Use Personal Videos to Make Your Christmas More Magical

The easiest way to feel the Christmas spirit is by just observing children. The Christmas holiday brings happiness and joy into everyone’s lives. This said, the festive season is an excellent opportunity for you to bond and create happy memories with family. Your children will be excited during the Christmas period, and why not go out of your way to do something special for them.

Christmas gifts will turn the season into a joyous, memorable moment for them. This time you could give your child a unique gift that involves Santa. What kid doesn’t love Santa! You can get them personalized videos sent directly from Santa, and end their year on a very positive note. This may have been impossible in the past, but Portable North Pole has now made it possible. Here are a few steps that you should follow to send these personalized videos.

1. Start the application

The first step in this process is to head over to Portable North Pole or open up your app. You can choose to use your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest as your login. There may be an age verification requirement to show that you are the child’s parent.

2. Pick a template

The second thing that you’ll do is to choose the kind of video that you would like to create. There are various packages to choose from, but the top three choices are free. These personalized videos are available in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, therefore, making them available for children universally.

3. Personalize the template

This step involves creating these personalized components in your video. You’ll enter your kid’s name, where you could choose to go with your family name. There is a section where you could offer Santa some help on how to pronounce the name. You can give details about the age of your child as well as the kind of gifts that they would like.

 You can also give their birth date, but it is not compulsory. You could offer up information about the other siblings, In addition to the school that your child attends. Lastly, you should send their favorite photos, but if you don’t have any saved on your device, the app can select them from your Facebook.

4. Create the video

After entering all this information, click on “Create” and wait for your request to be processed. It will not take long for the magic to happen because the website is efficient.

After a given period, your video will be ready, and it will be sent to you through your email. You can share it with your kids through Twitter, Email, or Facebook for free. If you have a premium pass on PNP, you can even download these videos. Your recipient’s reaction will undoubtedly touch you.

Personal videos are a special kind of gift for those who are dearest to you. You don’t have to rack your mind about a gift that is thoughtful enough. These videos will leave beautiful memories and impact the life of your family positively forever.