Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Oil for you

Cannabidiol or more popularly known as CBD  is one among 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis or hemp plant. The majority of CBD products are sourced from the hemp plant.  It makes up close to 40% of the extract. When compared to the marijuana plant that holds larger amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, (the compound that induces the ‘high feeling’), CBD has lower percentages and does not give off that intoxicating effect.

The extract in its purest form is the best CBD oil. It is hailed to have multiple health benefits and provides treatment to pain, anxiety, and depression. It also helps relieve inflammation and cancer symptoms, provides treatment for mental and physical illnesses and is also safe to administer to our ailing pets. The extensive therapeutic advantages that come with CBD oil makes for a strong presence in the health and wellness sectors. Because of this more people want to be part of this boom and earn on the CBD oil trend. A recent study has reported that the CBD market will grow up to $22 billion USD by 2022.  But with all this available online and in stores, one must be careful with the quality before purchasing.

Here we list helpful tips on choosing the best CBD oil available in the market today.

Find out the extraction method

The composition and quality of the final product of CBD oil are affected by the manner it was extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant. The pressure is applied to extract CBD oil from the plant. This causes the trichomes of the plant to burst open. The plant will then excrete its natural oils which companies will secure, bottle and sell. It is how each CBD oil company that applies this needed pressure that differentiates the high-quality CBD oils from inferior CBD products. There are various methods of extraction, but stay wary of the Butane method of processing. If it is not properly distilled from the final product, butane is a hazardous material. Search for CBD oil companies that use reliable extraction methods that use ethanol or CO2.  These are natural solvents that ensure that all the cannabinoids in the oil remain intact without the risk of foreign substances.

How is it grown?

CBD oil extracted from low-quality hemp can be exposed to pesticides and hazardous chemicals. Toxic chemicals directly affect the healing properties of CBD oil so it is important to know the growing standards of the plant before it is pressed.

Where was it sourced?

Since hemp is a heavily monitored commodity in the United States, it is best to buy products from this region. The quality of CBD oil is inversely affected by the soil and climate. Before purchasing any CBD product, the company’s source and reputation should be looked into.

Check for lab reports

An honest company always supplies information on third-party lab testing. Take time to read the reports and results. If the initial hemp or cannabis plant was treated by pesticides, the final CBD oil products may still include minimum traces of metals that will result in a second-rate product.  The FDA prohibits companies from advertising health claims about CBD products so it is best to avoid those that boast that their product can cure cancer or end pain and anxiety permanently.

The product should be natural

Always read the fine print on the CBD oil bottle and make sure that it does not carry any unnatural substances or other hidden allergens. The carrier essential oils combined with the pure CBD oil should always be organic or natural.

Purchase full spectrum

Search for a full spectrum CBD oil product instead of an isolate. This means that the CBD product consists of trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes which promote greater healing. CBD oils with isolates can affect the medical benefits less than whole-spectrum oil. A consumer will spend more and need higher quantities of isolates than one who would use a whole spectrum CBD oil to receive the same effects.

Is it professionally packaged?

The packaging of CBD oil should also be considered before committing to a purchase. Always pick a glass bottle over plastic. By doing so it will lengthen the shelf life of your CBD product.

Does the CBD oil company have customer service?

If there are questions you’d like answered about a CBD oil product then it’s best to ask straight from the source. CBD companies that offer customer support should fully explain the benefits of their product and why it is better than the others in the health and wellness industry. They should be enthusiastic to explain the benefits of the CBD oil and proving that it can meet their client’s needs. A company that can stand by the quality of their product and stands behind what it promises should come with a money-back guarantee. Investigate to see if the company is committed to offering a refund for those who are unhappy with their product, if not you are risking buying from a CBD oil company that only cares about making money rather than pleasing their consumers. 


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