Tactical Watch Brand Updates Smartwatch To Fight Online Counterfeiting

T1 Tact Watch Co Display of Authentic Markings on Midnight Diamond tactical Smartwatch

According to the Better Business Bureau, jewelry and watch brands are the top industry at risk of counterfeit fraud. Nearly 13.5% of sales in this industry are actually lost each year due to counterfeits. Customers who fall victim to these crimes not only get a low-quality product, they also find it difficult to get their money back. Additionally, counterfeit jewelry items are also potentially dangerous; often possessing toxic materials that are harmful to the wearer’s health. 

One popular online watch brand that sells tactical watches, T1 Tact Watch, is making necessary changes to fight this problem. 

Improving authenticity of its tactical watches

The company’s latest tactical watch, the Midnight Diamond, has been copied and resold by fake sellers all year. This has led to the company’s recent adjustments to improve its authenticity. 

In a Facebook post (@T1TactWatch) made on December 10, the company said, “we’ve modified the “Midnight Diamond.” The official watch now has these markings: 

  • T1 Tact on the dial
  • T1 Tact Watch on the band clasp
  • Metal Tin Watch Box
  • Rear of Watch features official “T1 Tact Watch” logo.”

They went on to say, “we stopped all orders from shipping to perfect the internal and external features. We’re now back to normal shipping schedule.”

Additionally, according to the announcement, the latest Midnight Diamonds will come with a new manual. This manual now matches the latest version of the watch. Another upgrade is the watch’s packaging, which used to be in a black box. The new version now comes in a metal case. 

They also reassured customers that authentic Midnight Diamonds would only be shipped from two US shipping locations: Atlanta and Chicago.

Addressing problems with delays

During the process of updating watches and manuals, the brand experienced weeks of shipping delays which aggravated customers. However, the T1 Tact Watch team has reassured customers that shipping schedules are ‘back to normal’. 

Orders made before the December 1 will be shipped and received by the December 16, just in time for Christmas. 

Those who endured the shipping delays will also be rewarded for their patience. According to the announcement [see here], these individuals will also receive a complimentary gift. Although they did not mention what specific gift they will get, the company stated that each gift will be a new item from the 2020 collection. This gives loyal customers access to these new products before the rest of the public.  

Counterfeit Products: Not only bad for your wallet

In addition to the thousands of dollars lost each on fake tactical watches or other fraudulent products, consumers’ health is also at risk as well. 

For watches and jewelry, toxins can be found in the materials used for the product, particularly in the metals used for the watch bands. The Better Business Bureau reports that counterfeits can sometimes use metals that “contain unsafe levels of cadmium and lead”. 

Lead exposure is dangerous because it can lead to poisoning, which can affect the brain and other organs. In some cases, lead poisoning can even be fatal; especially for vulnerable adults or children. 


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