Black Friday: Which Gadgets Are Worth Buying and Which Are Better to Postpone?

So, November is gradually coming to its end, and we all know what it means. The time of delicious turkey and huge sales are just around the corner.

While most families are getting ready for the Thanksgiving gatherings, going shopping, and getting every single thing prepared for the holidays, others and especially students can’t wait to see what does 2019’s Black Friday has in store for them.

Traditionally scheduled for the following Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is an essential event for all shopping lovers. 

For millions of people across the US, this is a special night. Malls and stores all over the country open at midnight and work through the night, offering customers unbelievable discounts on all sorts of items.

Initially, this huge sale means the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It is an excellent opportunity to purchase some neat presents at good prices or to pamper yourself with new clothes, accessories, or even tech.

With an abundance of products at low prices, it can be tempting to buy everything you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. However, to avoid wasting all savings in a single night, it is vital to know what to shop for.

In the list below, we have mentioned the gadgets that are worth buying on this year’s Black Friday. Here you will also find which purchases are better to postpone. Let’s start with the must-haves.


In the modern world, having a laptop is a must, regardless of age and background. Laptops give you more freedom and mobility in everything you do.

If you are a student, buying a new laptop may be a challenge if you keep the high price tags in mind, and that’s what Black Friday is for! 

Indeed, this is one of the essential tools one needs for studying. After all, how would you do research, write papers, or even seek essay writing help from academic services like EssayPro without a laptop?!

Currently, there already are some great discounts on laptops from various brands offered by stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and others. Keep an eye on updates, and you will definitely find something worthy at a reasonable price.


Traditionally, every year’s Black Friday brings along plenty of deals on sound systems and headphones. These categories are among the ones that come with the largest discounts, so it is wise to opt for a new pair or even two. After all, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.

There are not too many early deals on headphones available now, and most of them are on Apple’s wireless AirPods. However, we can definitely expect more options to appear on the stores’ shelves during the sale night, so await such deals.

iPad Pro 10.5 512GB (2017)

This is probably one of the worthiest early deals we’ve heard of. Even now, you can shop for this great gadget at Walmart and save $400. Although this is an older model of a famous iPad Pro, it is still a killer deal.

This tablet is worth buying due to its versatility. It will come in handy at home, school, college, and even work.

Google Home

Although it is not Black Friday yet, we can already see some generous discounts on Google Home items available at Walmart. Google Assistant is one of the most advanced ones available on the market, so it is definitely a great shopping option.

Currently, there are some deals available on Google Home Mini ($25), Mini 2 pack ($45), and Max ($299).


TV’s are also among the items most often purchased during the Black Friday. Most retailers offer generous discounts on TVs, so it can be an excellent opportunity to get a nice gadget much cheaper than it usually costs.

What Not to Buy

Now, we are ready to discuss the items that are not really worth the wait. 

  • PlayStation, gaming centers, etc. It can be tempting to get a newer PlayStation model at a sweet price. However, be sure to purchase things you really need first. Besides, currently, the early deals don’t offer huge sales on such items, so they still remain quite costly.
  • Smartwatch. We can already predict a huge number of deals on different brands’ smartwatch that will be available this year. However, we won’t recommend rushing into buying ones. Although the smartwatch is a cool-looking accessory, they usually don’t have much practical value. Thus, be sure to think this purchase through in advance in order not to waste money on something you don’t really need.
  • Cheap gadgets. Items that are initially affordable are better to postpone. Big Black Friday sales are great for buying things that are normally way too expensive at prices that are half or even lower. Therefore, we would recommend focusing on seeking out deals on items that are normally hard to afford.

The Bottom Line: Keeping up with Black Friday News

As more and more companies and retailers already start announcing their early Black Friday deals, it is just the right time to start planning your future purchases.

At this point, many brands still haven’t said anything about price matching. For example, Apple and Microsoft don’t give any guarantees yet. Google, according to its website, is not going to do price matching.

With so much uncertainty, it is wise to keep an eye on updates to ensure that you won’t miss out on the best deals! Monitor official websites of stores and manufacturers to be the first one to learn about the upcoming discounts and use our list to shop wise and save lots of money this year!


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