Burial vs Cremation- Which One Should You Pick?

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Deciding between cremation and burial is a very personal decision and one that can be hard for most individuals. Cremation has gained popularity over the past few years, and burial is no longer the most popular option. This is due to an array of reasons, but even then, there are few factors to consider when making a decision.

Cremation Vs Burial- What are The Differences?

First, let us look at the major differences and distinctions between the two. When a body is cremated, it’s burned to a point where all that is left are ashes. As for burial, the body stays intact. Both cremation and burial can be done right after death, following a funeral service. In the cremation case, the remains can be kept by the loved ones, buried or scattered. As for burial, the body can be entombed in a mausoleum or buried in the ground. 

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Here are some important things to consider when deciding between burial and cremation:

Religious and Cultural Considerations

Your cultural heritage or religion can have an impact on your decision. For example, Hindus and Buddhists are traditionally cremated, while Islam and Orthodox Judaism ban the exercise. As for the Catholic, the ban on cremation was lifted a few decades ago, but a burial must still be held. Even if these kinds of customs may not be important to you personally, they may be to loved ones, and so, they are worth keeping in mind.


The slogan ‘save land for the living’ has made cremation a more popular choice. Historically, land has been thought of as unlimited, but that is rarely the case nowadays given the substantial increase in population over the past few decades.

Environmental Concerns

Cremation might not involve any land use, but it involves a substantial emission of carbon. On the contrary, there are chemical cremation methods that remove any emissions. Likewise, burial involves disturbing the land with objects and chemicals that take time to break down. However, it can be done in a natural and biodegradable manner.  The bottom line is if you are concerned about the environmental impact, there is something you can do to ameliorate those concerns regardless of your pick.

Convenience & Flexibility

Cremation is a more flexible option in a number of ways. If your loved ones live around the country or around the globe, cremation removes the pressure of gathering promptly for traditional viewing. Also, the remains can be divided among many households, scattred in more than one area, and if stored in an urn, they don’t have to be left behind if the family moves far away in the future.

The Cost

Most people go for cremation as it is a far less expensive option. This is particularly the case for ‘direct cremation’, where the body is incinerated immediately without embalming and funeral services. In such a case, the costs associated with the death can be way less compared to a conventional funeral and burial.

Nevertheless , Integrity Funerals can offer affordable packages for both cremation and traditional burial.  The funeral directors here have a genuine need and desire to treat you as people first by providing a service that is both meaningful and relevant.

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