Why beachwear is the best gift for Australian Christmas

It is not long to go now before Christmas is here. The decorations are already going up in the stores and you have almost certainly heard the strains of the first Christmas coral of the year. Christmas is coming and it is that time of year to start thinking about what gifts you are going to buy and which parties you are going to attend. Where will you be spending your time come the Festive Season? These are all important questions to ponder and they can also be quite expensive questions to conjure answers to. But one thing that you shouldn’t think too long and hard about is gifts – in this regard beach attire and accessories are the way to go, and here is why.

We all love the beach

There are very few people who don’t enjoy the beach, or perhaps even more broadly, who don’t enjoy the sunshine and the water. The truth is that it doesn’t need to be beachwear specifically, it is about being outdoors and swimming. It is stuff that applies to swimming pools or dams. Items like towels or bikinis are great or look to find a kids’ swimwear sale. The options are endless – the bikini works as a gift for a wife or girlfriend. A towel is neutral. A guy can never have too many cool Boardshorts. You can go wild, and, what is even more awesome, there will almost certainly be a range of prices that allow you to find something for a variety of people.

Options aplenty

The beach is not just about towels and swimwear, it is also about Frisbees and beach bats and Lilos and all matter of other enjoyable items. As with costumes and bathers, these are all items that come in a range of prices and in different shapes and forms. The important thing to recognise is that your gift recipient is probably going to spend some time during the summer wallowing in the pool or at the seaside – you just need to find the items that will help enhance their experience. And if you are really being thoughtful, why not acknowledge that the gift will be used while traveling in the harsh December or January sunshine and include a bottle of sunscreen into the mix as well – it is the responsible thing to do.

About making memories   

Gifts don’t just have to be things, they can also be about making memories. So, think about where your gift recipient is going to be and what they might enjoy. Maybe a voucher for kite surfing lessons or an introduction to stand-up paddle boarding. Or surfing or SCUBA lessons. The options are endless. They can obviously end up being quite expensive as well, so perhaps this is a gift on which you collaborate with others. The point is, recognise that Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is a summer experience and gift accordingly. In terms of making memories, depending on how close you are to the person, you might want to include yourself in the experience – some proper bonding time!


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