5 Ways To Contribute In The Betterment Of The World

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As humans, the supreme being, it is our ultimate responsibility to contribute our efforts and resources in the betterment of our world or community. In society today, we are quick to criticize others for the negative changes that occur in our society rather to change ourselves. Our world includes animals, humans and nature so we should keep a check on the direction that we are heading.

World is created with a proper balance of water, ice, mountains and land. If we lose our balance, we will face the rough consequences. Planet earth is our home and we should be very careful with it. There are certain ways through which we can make our world a better place for us and for the generations who are yet to come. We can contribute to the environment by growing trees, recycling, by usage of solar power technology, reducing the usage of chemicals and taking care of the cleanliness of our surroundings.

Planting Trees

Planting trees is the most important step that we should take towards the wellness of the world. Trees cool our environment that will reduce the melting of our glaciers. There are many activities that are encouraged by organizations as well as the government where one can participate and help the earth in healing its ozone layer that is causing the rapid climate change. The carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and CFC are absorbed by each tree. At the same time, it produces oxygen that densifies the atmosphere of the earth against the sun’s heat radiation. You restore the natural ecosystem that promotes life by planting trees.


We all have an idea about what recycling is and how it will help our journey towards a healthy society but one might not take it as seriously because they are not aware of its benefits. Recycling is comprehensive which includes government programs, projects in the private sector, social activities and individual contributions. It is clear that recycling is already being carried out using state-of – the-art technologies by the organizations listed above. All of these, however, are not sufficient to address waste disposal issues. Strong artifacts once burning, produce toxins. Recycle some hard objects that can still be reused in order to reduce this effect. Recycling must start with us, people. Pick up the stuff you can reuse and recycle before you thrash out the garbage.

Solar Power

Solar power or sun energy is made easy for our advantage. Solar energy provides clean, sun-based renewable energy and benefits the climate. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce the carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing global greenhouse gasses. Many solar panels can be installed at homes so you can produce your own electricity that you can supply to all your household appliances. There are many solar-powered household appliances nowadays. These are the following: solar battery, solar light and solar heater. By using solar energy, you can contribute to the environment while staying at home.

Chemical Free Environment

Practically no day passes by without a news channel warning us that chemicals are injuring our environment and are thought of harming our safety in the atmosphere. The excessive use of harmful chemicals by the humans is manipulating our hormones, causing cancer, causing heart disease, influencing the development of the brain, or any combination of these. We should go organic in our lifestyle to give as less effect of such chemicals to our atmosphere as possible.


The easiest way to add to society and the world is to constantly clean up your own environment and make your community safer. Any item, however small it may be, as long as it is produced artificially, can contain contaminants that may contaminate the soil, water, or air. Making sure that your surroundings and the air is clean would prevent the mixing of distributed pollutants with our environment. In addition, waste build-up can contribute to the clogging of flood-causing sewage systems.

By following these solutions, we can do much in our own little ways for society and the environment.

The world can be saved from disasters that future may hold if we work together and do as much as we can to give our share.

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