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5 Easy Steps to Hire a Los Angeles Audio Visual Company

Choosing the right audiovisual company in Los Angeles is important to the success of your event. If you do it right, you’ll have a team member, an advocate, and an advisor. Otherwise, you’ll have unexpected bills, glitches in the event, and worse, a bad taste in your mouth. If you want to choose the best Los Angeles audio visual company, follow these easy steps below.

How to Hire a Los Angeles Audio Visual Company

Research on AV Companies

Before you meet with an AV company in Los Angeles, you have to do your homework – that is, to do your research. Learn the basics, terminologies, and some mistakes other people do when hiring AV companies. This will help you decide and choose the best AV company.

Check out several AV companies before you lock into an agreement. Venues usually offer discounts and pressure you into choosing In-house AV. This is only optional, so you don’t have to say yes.

When should you hire a Los Angeles audio visual company? You should hire one before you sign the venue contract. A good AV company should help you determine if prospective venues will fit your needs.

Prepare for Your First Meeting with the Los Angeles Audio Visual Company

It is better to provide more information to your AV company because it will lead to more accurate quotes. This means that the quoting process is faster, and you won’t run into surprises with the budget. So how do you prepare for the meeting? The first one is to know your goals, and the second, to let the AV company know how much your budget is.

  1. Prepare your goals. To understand your goals, you can start by asking the following questions:
    • What is the tone of your event?
    • What is your desired outcome?
    • Who will attend your event?
    • What type of energy will the guests have?
    • What’s the purpose of your event?

If your guests have high energy, then create an event that is stimulating or invigorating. Incorporate some of the biggest trends or bring a top entertainer. Let your AV company know what your ideas are so they can help you achieve your goals and execute your vision.

Once you’ve set your objectives, try to explore methods to implement your vision and achieve your goals. Make the AV company understand what you want to happen. Also, identify your wants from your needs.

  1. Let the AV company know how much your budget is. Letting the AV company know how much budget you have will benefit you in two ways. First, it will save you time because you won’t receive a quote back that is far above your budget. You won’t need to re-process quoting all over again. Second, they’ll be able to inform you if your budget can cover your vision and your needs.

Don’t Forget the Details

You’ll get a more accurate quote if you provide more details to the AV company. Preparing these details before the meeting will help you save a lot of time.

  1. Give the venue details to the AV company. Prepare all the details about your event and bring diagrams if necessary. Also, make sure you have a POC for the venue so the AV company can contact them if they need to. This will allow the vendors to communicate with each other, so you don’t need to play the middle-man.
  2. Share your desired layouts. Remember, when planning an event, your event layout can affect the staging, sounds, lighting, AV, and design needs. Make sure you choose an AV company that knows how you want to utilize the rooms.
  3. Prepare a detailed schedule. The AV company should have a detailed schedule of everything that happens at your event. What are the sessions? How many people will speak on stage at once? You shouldn’t miss details like these.

Check the Los Angeles Audio Visual Company

After doing your research and providing the details, the next step is to get more information about the AV company. To make sure that the Los Angeles audio visual company is legit, check out these tips below:

  1. Request references. Ask the AV company to give you references of their previous clients with similar events they worked with before. This will give you an insight from the people who already worked with the AV company. Follow up about the company’s culture and ask them how they handled instances that are relevant to your event.
  2. Know the AV company’s culture. Since you’ll be spending time with your AV company, you need to know how the company works. It won’t be a great experience if you have a team with a bad culture. Don’t be afraid to ask about the company’s culture. Ask questions about their core values or their culture.
  3. Ask for case studies. Before you decide on a Los Angeles audio visual company, ask to see case studies of events like yours first. Make sure that the case study is related to your needs. Check out some images and videos of the event so you can get a good feel. Find out what previous clients asked the AV company for, and how the company solved the problems to meet their goal.

Discuss the Quotes

Once you’ve provided all the details to the AV company, you’ll receive your quote. This can be overwhelming or confusing, but here are the things you must do, to have a better experience:

  1. Ask for a quote walkthrough. Doing a quote walkthrough with the AV company is the best way to understand what you’re getting. The company should be able to explain what the item lines are, and you can use them for the event. Ask questions, especially if something doesn’t make sense.
  2. Ask for a CAD design. To visualize how everything will look like after setting up, you’ll need a 3D rendering design. This will help you see how your stage will look, and what the lighting will be like. This will also help you eliminate the guesswork.

Once you’ve followed all these, you’ll be able to choose the best Los Angeles audio visual company for your event. The AV company will help you plan your event and make it a successful one!