Anxiety and Marijuana: Does Marijuana Help with Anxiety?

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Does getting high help you deal with anxiety?

Or does it induce high anxiety levels?

With several states having legalized the herb for medicinal and personal use, scientists are conducting further research to see what marijuana can do to a human body. There is an increase in the number of people using weed to manage overwhelming anxiety.

However, other people claim that using marijuana sends them directly into panic, paranoia and having anxious thoughts, worsening their anxiety.

So what’s the deal? Does marijuana help some people with anxiety and induce the feeling of anxiety to others?

The Link between Anxiety and Marijuana

It is quite hard to say if marijuana helps or causes anxiety. This is because the effect depends on various factors.

It is known that marijuana is a drug that can alter your moods, perceptions, and feelings. And with this in mind, it is important to note that your mental state and the environment you are in when using weed plays a big role in how one reacts.

Anxiety and cannabis go hand in hand and that’s why many people feel that it causes the feeling of anxiety, especially if used in unpleasant situations. Other research shows that anxiety and marijuana becomes a problem due to long-term use. This means that cannabis can be relaxing when used for a short period, but can cause anxiety symptoms for chronic users. Weed is believed to cause anxiety, cognition issues, and memory loss when used for a long time.

Finding the Right Balance between CBD and THC

The cannabis plant has around 113 different chemical compounds. Cannabidiol(CBD) is one of the active compounds found in marijuana and is said to cause a relaxing effect.

So, in case you are looking for a maximum relaxation effect, try weed strains with a higher CBD concentration. You can also try strains with a high concentration of both THC and CBD to balance out the THC and cause a relaxing feeling. Some of the strains best known to help with anxiety include Purple Urkle,  Jack Herer, Jillybean, Remedy, and Granddaddy purple.

When purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary, you can be sure of the THC content. This is because the labels will help you know the amount of THC in the product you are purchasing.

Do you want to relax using marijuana? Then you should know that less is more when it comes to THC especially for beginners.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana isn’t for everybody and can produce various experiences on the anxiety spectrum. Before using marijuana, familiarize yourself with the different strains and the effect they cause.  This will help you determine what works for you. To manage anxiety, look for strains with high levels of CBD or a mix of CBD and THC.

For anyone who hasn’t had success in anxiety treatment, he or she can try to explore cannabis for anxiety management. The most important thing is to make sure you understand how to use weed in a way that reduces anxiety instead of inducing it.

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