Most Nations With Accessible Passports Have White Populations

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Today’s news may be surprising to some, but most won’t be surprised. While in American, the Black Travel Movement is a surging development, many people of color worldwide don’t enjoy the same freedom of travel. CNN recently released a list of the passport acceptance rates, and the results fit the notion that most world governments are racially discriminatory. At the top of the list, with the ability to get in basically anywhere, white countries rule, with very few countries outlawing their passports. This means that at the bottom of the list are countries with more color to their ethnicities. Basically, the world has ruled that if you’re from a non-white country, you’ll have a hard time trying out a family destination guide this summer. 

Which Countries Are At the Top?

Here’s some info that might actually be able to surprise you. While white countries do dominate the upper echelon of CNN’s list, the two countries sitting at numbers 1 and 2 are actually Asian countries with white-minority populations. Surprised? We sure were upon reading the news. In actuality, while a few years ago the countries taking up the number one spots were the UK and the US, their places have now dropped substantially. While still in the top ten, both countries have been denied access to nations after instituting travel bans. It makes sense that blacklisted countries would retaliate with bans of their own.

Now, the top two ranks are occupied by Japan and Singapore, respectively. Together, the countries can both access 188 different nations, and therefore residents can easily make use of a family destination guide to anywhere in the world.  This is in sharp contrast to the nations at the bottom of the list, many of which can only access a number of countries in the double digits. However, the rest of countries occupying top spots are from Western and Northern Europe, like Norway and Germany. Many European countries have welcomed thousands of refugees into their homes. 

Why Are Other Nations At the Bottom? 

The fate of the countries at the bottom of the list have led many to question the reasoning for their placement. Is it racial discrimination? Many believe that to be the case, because the numbers would seem to suggest it. Afghanistan ranks at the bottom of the list, with access to only 25 other countries. This could be because of its war-torn state. The bad reputation of Afghanistan has led to its passport being banned from many other nations. However, some are wondering whether the Islamic faith may have anything to do with Afghanistan’s ranking. Both Syria and Pakistan also have very limited access to other nations. 

Going off of this list, anyone from a primarily Muslim nation trying to utilize a family destination guide will undoubtedly have a difficult time doing so. Overall, nations are ranked to a set number of criteria that has yet to be released to the public. However, at the end of the day all we have to go off of are facts. And the fact is, countries with ethnic populations are not able to travel the world. 

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