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Today we are looking at how to get the best area rug possible for decorating our bedroom. The whole purpose of getting a bedroom rug is when you step out of bed; your feet fall onto a carpet. The last thing that you want to do is to hop on an icy marble surface when you wake up.

An area rug makes the room cosier, and it is precisely what you want in a bedroom. Area rugs can also absorb any other sound, so if you want a quiet bedroom, you might want to invest in a cosy area rug. Area rugs can also prevent the person from slipping and falling when you happen to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Oriental area rugs also add to extra colour or decor in the bedroom. It is the best sleeping zone, and oriental rugs also bring own your personality.

What are the best rug sizes for bedroom? If you have a room size of 7 x 10 feet, you need to get a rug size of 5×8 feet. Don’t feel if there is any restriction in buying a rug for your bedroom. Our site has many options and gets creative with designs, so don’t worry, it is affordable!

Next, we are looking at the bed mattress prices. Most bed mattress price starts from RS 3000, so roughly the estimate of the costs are about there. Today we will be looking at the Cozycoir mattress that has high-density coir for more spine support. It has layers of natural coir and other material that creates a firm base for the bed. The firm mattress will withstand your body weight when you are sleeping. There is a warranty for two years when you buy the mattress. We ensure that you have less stress in getting the right mattress for yourself. As the bed is not priced heavily, we suggest going to the local showroom to get the best mattress for yourself. This means getting more product knowledge so that you can pick the right one. If you want to go online and shop for the bed, you may do so as well.

Lastly, we will be looking at the Multiple Resident brands.  The Resident is the parent company to a few brands, namely Nectar, Bundle, Awara, DreamCloud, Level Sleep and Wovenly. Nectar produces the best mattresses in the market and gives a one year trial to every buyer. Bundle creates great furniture to bind people together. Awara produces hybrid mattresses that are environmentally friendly. DreamCloud produces natural latex and memory foam mattresses. Level SLeep provides excellent back support mattresses that can promote proper sleep. Wovenly is the rug provider that gives everyone the best area rugs that you can find on the internet.

These are the best brands on the market, and if you want to get a topper or mattress, you can order from Resident brand, as they produce one of the world’s leading beds. Whether it is a topper, rug or mattress, ResidentResident has it all.


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