What is a registered office address?

Starting a company comes with its challenges. However, after you have been able to set up the company and you are going strong for years. The next thing for you to do is register your business. This is beneficial to you because people will be more comfortable doing business with you since you are a registered company.

One of the perks that come with a registered company is a registered business address. Before you register your company, you must be sure of the location and conclude that it is the best place for you. If in the future you decide to move to a new location, you will still have to change the office address on your registration. A registered office address is one of the legal requirements of every company that has been registered.

One of the benefits of a registered office address is that it helps customers locate you quickly. If you are not easily found on the internet or fliers, it will be tough for you to get more audience, because people cannot go looking for something they do not know. Some people may likely ask why it is essential for them to have registered office addresses. These few reasons will help you understand the benefits of a registered office address.

It is Legally Required

The government can overlook big companies that do not have registered offices. No one wants a government shut down when they can easily register their office address. In the United States of America, United Kingdom, and several other countries, companies are legally required to register their office addresses. 

Easy Contact

When you have a registered office address that people can access online or see on advertisements, it will be easy for them to communicate with your office or visit in person. When you go into a business, you may not be sure of the outcome, but a registered office address can help you quickly connect with people.

Mail Delivery

Sometimes, donors or government agencies communicate through mails, so they will need your registered office address to be able to send them to you easily. Also, if the government would like to inspect the work you are doing in the company before investing in it, they will need an address to send delegates.


Another reason why you need a registered office address is that you need customers to trust you with their money and resources. Most people will not invest in a company that is not registered by the government. For example, no one will save in a bank that does not have the backing of the government. Companies can decide to change the location at any time, and this will be at the expense of the customers.

An office address should be different from a home address, except in the case where your office is your home. However, giving access to your home may not be the best idea. If you go public with the address, there is a strong chance that people from different parts of the country will have access to it.


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