Hapless Criminals Can Make Home Security Even More Effective

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When you think of burglary, what is the first image that pops into your mind? Thanks to Hollywood, a lot of us have the impression that burglars are the most intelligent, sophisticated, and fearless criminals on Earth. Some of them are. But most are not. In fact, more than one hapless burglar has manufactured his/her own demise by being careless or just plain dumb. It turns out hapless criminals can make home security even more effective than it normally is.

For the record, installing a home security system with video surveillance cameras is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent becoming a victim. Burglars, porch pirates, and home invaders are more likely to avoid properties they know are being surveilled by video cameras and video doorbells.

Vivint, a nationally recognized provider of home security equipment and systems, recommends video surveillance along with other home security features that can make a house safer and more comfortable to live in. They recommend a full home security and automation solution whenever and wherever possible.

Why Burglars Hate Cameras

A burglar’s natural aversion to video surveillance cameras should be obvious. Burglars hate cameras because the devices can identify them to police investigators. And if they can be identified, they can be arrested and prosecuted. Video surveillance offers very strong evidence that is nearly impossible to refute in court.

We have all seen stories in the news involving a local home that was being burglarized and police asking for help identifying faces caught on video. More than one burglar has been caught after friends or family members saw said videos and reported the burglar to police. If you were a burglar hoping to not get caught, how would you feel about your face being plastered all over the TV?

What is most fascinating is how hapless some burglars appear to be. They make no attempt to cover their faces or hide their identities in any way. Some of them see video cameras recording their every action only after it’s too late, then do dumb things to try to get away. It’s amazing.

At any rate, all of the video recorded over the years shows that some burglars are not necessarily the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. That’s why cameras are so effective. They take advantage of hapless criminals who do not clearly think through what it is they are doing.

Choosing Cameras for Your Home

Perhaps you are now convinced about the effectiveness of video surveillance from protecting your home against burglars. Now you are wondering how you would choose cameras for your own home. Well, no worries. It is a lot simpler than you might think.

First, you start with a reputable brand name you can trust. That is the hardest part. Next is determining how many cameras you need. Start with the front door, either with a camera mounted on the wall or a video doorbell. Next, mount a camera that gives you coverage of the back door. Those two cameras are the bare minimum.

Some people also place cameras inside the home. One each at the front and rear doors is a good place to start, followed by another camera near the entrance to the master bedroom. Finally, another camera on the first floor can provide good coverage for the kitchen or family living areas.

Other Security Features

Fear of burglary is a driving factor for a lot of people looking to install home security. Yet there are other security features that can help you feel safer at home. For example, fire and smoke detectors combined with 24-hour monitoring gives families needed piece of mind.

Around-the-clock monitoring means help can respond more quickly in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide event. With monitoring on your side, you can focus on your main priority of getting out of the house. Let the monitoring company call 911 for you.

Home security systems sometimes offer flood monitoring, medical monitoring, and other excellent features. When you combine them all with full home automation, you have a truly smart home that is safer, more comfortable, and a bigger threat to hapless burglars who sometimes do not appear to know what they are doing.

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