Finally found his happily ever after! Cao Son Nguyen debuts his stunning new girlfriend on Instagram after day-by-day trying to find his real love

It seems that former Bigo Live star Cao Son Nguyen has found his happily ever after.

The 20-year-old pianist appeared to debut his new girlfriend on Instagram on Sunday evening, after what can only be described as a boy trying to find love day-by-day.

Cao Son Nguyen (Nguyen Ngoc Cao Son) has become a name that is not too strange for young audiences through hit songs. In a short time of operation, that is, just over 2 years, he has got his “fortune” hit by many audiences such as: Tong Hua, Run Now, Deemo on Piano’s Collection, Ballade Disney Piano Theme, etc …

He’s finally found his happily ever after! Cao Son Nguyen has debuted his stunning new girlfriend on Instagram after day-by-day trying to find his real love

“us #camnhisincenow’ he wrote in the caption, along with a double love heart emoji.

The mystery woman is a 20-year-old from Cao Son’s International University of Ho Chi Minh City, and has also posted pictures of the handsome black-hair-guy on her own Instagram page.  

At the age of 20, Cao Son has achieved success that not everyone in the same age group can do. However, this guy has never been complacent with the success that has been in his hands, but everyday, Son is constantly cultivating, seeking new things to go up in music and most importantly surpassing through the shadow of oneself left. With enthusiasm, relentless learning and remarkable talent in music, certainly, Cao Son Nguyen continues to be the name that creates new and more impressive things in the future.

With a passionate passion for music and youthful enthusiasm, always looking for new things. Cao Son Nguyen did not stand still and be complacent with his successes, but this guy is constantly learning from himself and his seniors. Not only stopping at the piano cover role, Son also hopes to do more in music production, and through that, he hopes to try his best with new music.

So, let’s wait and see if this talented guy or the “music witch” will continue to bring interesting things in the future!


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