Swizz & Alicia Buy Cali Mansion, National Tax Experts Estimate $78K Property Taxes

the mansion of Swizz & Alicia

Multi Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys, and rap producer husband, Kasseem Dean – or as fans know him ‘Swizz Beatz’ – have just purchased a home together in the beautiful La Jolla, California. Already owning a 25,000 square foot home in Englewood, New Jersey – which is used as their primary residence – Keys and Dean are reported to have paid $20.8 million to purchase this property to be used as a vacation home.

Married since 2010 with two sons, Egypt and Genesis, the purchase could be considered a bargain, with its original listing price reported as $43 million. However, considering La Jolla is one of the most exclusive areas in the world, the purchase did not come without a hefty tax liability and national tax experts estimate Keys and Dean will spend $78K on property taxes alone.

A high-profile history

Not just any normal house in a pricey neighborhood, the nearly 13,000 square foot home was designed by renowned San Diego architect, Wallace E. Cunningham. Known as the “Razor House”, the structure sits on the edge of a cliff and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Completed in 2007, the house had initially been deemed by some architects as “unbuildable”, though Cunningham would beg to differ.

Built with concrete and glass, the contemporary mansion is said to have inspired Tony Stark’s lair in the film Iron Man, with some scenes from the film having been shot there. The home was also featured in recent advertisements for Visa as well as the clothing brand, Calvin Klein. Also used by Aston Martin for a private unveiling of the V12 Zagato, it is fair to say the home is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle.

About the 13,000 square foot space

Keys and Dean will most certainly be able to relax and unwind at the Razor House, which features two master suites, a fitness area with two steam rooms, a massive round living space, a library, a theatre, and luxury kitchen. The place also comes with a fully detached, three story guest house – perfect for inviting work colleagues like Jay Z, Drake, and Nicki Minaj over to chill.

In addition to the basics, the house boasts a custom-made Ralph Lauren pool table along with an infinity pool, a rooftop entertainment space, firepit, and plenty of outdoor space to take in the views of the Pacific Ocean waves. The family will also fit right into the lifestyle of the La Jolla neighborhood, as it is home to several of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans including a Wal-Mart heiress, a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur, and a number of high-profile attorneys. 

A hefty property tax say national tax experts 

Living in the exclusive La Jolla area does not come without a cost. Even though Keys and Dean were able to snatch up the property at a discounted $20.8 million (a savings of about $13 million from the original list price), the house still closed at a higher price than any La Jolla home in the past three years. With property taxes based on sale price in La Jolla, national tax experts anticipate Keys and Dean to spend 78K in property taxes. 


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