‘Know your worth,’ says DFD Music LLC founder, Shane Foster

There was a time when being signed to a major record label meant you’ve made it big. These days, artists are quite clueless about what to expect from them. Lately, artists are becoming increasingly aware of all the mismanagement by record labels, which includes bullying and threatening creative individuals to adhere to their own whims and fancies. Due to this, artists prefer staying away from labels. Fortunately, digitalization has helped hundreds and thousands of artists from all over the world to build an audience. Music creators are finally getting their dues without backing from any major record label. Artists today have realized the power of art and their own true value. One such artist who has gone through the whole rigmarole of record label fallacies and stood his ground is Mr. Shane Foster.

An ex-US Army soldier, Shane Foster always had a penchant for music. While serving the country, he suffered significant disabilities due to which he had to resign from the army. As a form of recuperation, Foster shifted his focus to music and the entertainment industry. While working as an executive at a major live events organization, Shane realized his true potential and set out to establish an empire of his own. He realized that artists and their music are self-sustainable, and record labels enjoy the benefits through exploitation. Shane, along with his partner Davis Chris, established DFD Music LLC, an independent record label and production house that satisfies every need of an artist right from production to marketing to distribution. Shane is an artist himself, a fact that makes it easier for him to guide upcoming artists to success. He says, “Every artist out there making music needs to know their worth. Selling short, holding back, and waiting for the big-ticket to arrive will only work against you.” Shane operates out of Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, and believes that since every artist is different, their strategies need to be different as well. He builds action plans for artists that can help them achieve maximum success. So far, DFD Music LLC has worked with Iggy Azalea, Yo Gotti, Young Dolph, ML Underwood, and many other big names. 

DFD Music LLC aims to promote more local talent, increase live shows, and also earn through digital sales. In the coming months, Shane will be signing on numerous artists to DFD Music’s roster and will also be a part of a broader digital innovation when it comes to music.  


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