The Five Best Commercial Pipe Insulation’s To Use

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All your pipes must be insulated either before the installation is complete or later on when they are left uncovered. You may not know which insulation style you should use, but there are five options below that will help you with your pipes. When you have insulated your pipes properly, you will see a difference in the way that your plumbing system functions. You can avoid pipe bursts, frozen pipes, and incidental damage in open spaces.

1. Insulation Boards

Your pipe insulation should be chosen based on the size of the pipes and the place where they are. There are some large pipes that might be too hard to cover with a traditional insulation. Instead of wrapping the pipe in insulation, you can use insulation boards to encase the pipe in a shaft that will help conserve energy.

2. Sheep’s Wool

Sheep’s wool is an excellent choice for any green space. Sheep’s wool is used every day to make clothing and insulation panels. Plus, this type of insulation does not contain any harmful fibers. The people who are completing the insulation are not at any health risk when using it, and the insulation will not flake like a traditional insulation product.

You can wrap sheep’s wool around any pipe that you like, and you may choose to use these insulation products if you want to use all natural or organic products in the space. Talk to your contractor about using sheep’s wool to determine the price and health benefits.

3. Cotton

Cotton is another natural product that you may use for pipe insulation. Cotton is a bit thinner than wool, but it can be wrapped around any pipe easily. Plus, you need to use cotton when your pipes are exposed. You may create a tight wrap around the pipes, and you may choose to to use cotton because you feel it is a product that you can learn to use on your own.

Cotton is affordable and easy to use. Plus, cotton will be easy for you to manage if you are trying to buy a product that you can wrap yourself in the future. Cotton works well in commercial spaces where you have quite a lot of radiating heat, or you may want to protect your pipes from freezing when it gets extremely cold outside. You know for a fact that cotton can be wrapped tightly around your pipes instead of floating loosely.

4. Aerogel

Aerogel is an excellent product to use if you would like to squirt the gel into a sleeve that is wrapped around your pipes. There are a number of people who prefer to use aerogel because it is very efficient, easy to refresh, and inexpensive. You may choose to use aerogel when you are filling a large gap, or you could use aerogel at the joints where traditional insulation stops.

5. Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a good insulation product that can be used in any setting. These products can be wrapped around any pipe, and you can get polystyrene panels in many sizes. You should consider where the pipes are located because you may want to pack the polystyrene into a tight space to help prevent air flow.


When you are ready to insulate your pipes, you will find that it is easy to pick an insulation product that works before you. You will notice that you can buy these products on your own or order through your contractor. Ask the contractor what they would use, or request natural products that are much safer to use than traditional fiberglass insulation.

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