Illinois Chiropractor Adds Cancer-Detecting Technology To Dixon Office

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According to, around 330,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the United States in 2019 alone – and 41,760 of these cases will likely result in death. Early detection and diagnosis is crucial, with 90% of those diagnosed at the earliest stage likely to survive for at least another 5 years. When diagnosed at a later stage, this number drops drastically to only 15%. 

The FDA recommends, at a minimum, yearly mammograms for women over the age of 45. In addition to mammograms, an adjunctive screening known as “thermography” can also be utilized. Illinois-based Chiropractor, David Warner, is doing his part to combat the disease by incorporating this new technology in his practice; paving the way for the improval of chiropractor services across America. 

About Thermography

A thermographic test is attractive to patients as it is noninvasive, pain free, and does not involve any radiation. Only lasting about half an hour, all patients have to do is stand in front of an infrared imaging system which takes 6 heat images of the body. 

What does the test detect? While it does not necessarily identity lumps of cancerous cells like a mammogram, it does identity heat patterns which may indicate early signs of inflammation caused by cancer. 

When used over time, chiropractors can understand what a patient’s normal temperature is like and watch out for patterns. If something abnormal is detected, it could indicate a problem that needs further exploration. Patients can then seek further tests to determine whether or not the abnormality is cancer. 

Different from a mammogram

It is important to reassert that a thermographic test is much different than a mammogram and should never be used as a replacement. However, its intended use can work hand in hand with regular mammogram screenings. 

Because mammograms are designed to scan for existing lumped cells, thermograms can help with early detection which is key to survival rates. Early detection of abnormalities also give patients the opportunity to combat the disease early on through improved diet and exercise.

Additionally, as women under the age of 40 are not advised to get mammograms because of the exposure to radiation, utilizing thermography is a risk-free way for young women to get into the habit of monitoring their breasts for anything out of the ordinary. 

The potential for such chiropractor services

Many people may not think to go to a chiropractor for a breast cancer test, but with thermographic tests available, it does no harm to scan anyways and actually poses several benefits. 

Aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular thermographic scans empower younger women to stay on top of their health, track abnormalities, and reduce their overall risk of detecting breast cancer before it’s too late. For women over the age of 40, thermographic tests are a welcome addition to existing breast cancer screening routines; adding another valuable screening touchpoint that keeps them in tune with their body. 

For David Warner’s patients, this technology is life saving and shows the potential for the use of thermographic screenings in his  chiropractor services.   Clients can find out reasons for feeling neck pain just as easily as internal lumps on orgns.

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