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Never, ever you should use SEO proxies for automated backlinks. This is a spammy approach. It’s dangerous and nobody likes it. And you always risk getting a penalty from search engines for it. It’s safe to say that nobody uses automated backlinks creation anymore because its results aren’t long-lasting. Actually, you are better off working and improving your SEO steadily, over the long term.

But, SEO proxies aren’t used only for automated backlinks. In fact, you can use them with tools such as Scrapebox, not to create automatic backlinks, but to gather more data. Data that you can later use to perform manual backlink building, the safe way, without risking penalties.

Who buys and uses SEO proxies

Not so long ago, almost every webmaster could buy SEO proxies and a backlink tool to create automated backlinks. But now, this method doesn’t work anymore because it never created value, only spam.

In the recent past, SEO proxies were used by webmasters to create and deploy backlink strategies for one or several websites. But as this method is not so efficient anymore, many webmasters dropped it.

Let’s see how webmasters and SEO professionals previously used proxies for SEO and how they use them now.

How SEO proxies were used previously

It can be said with certainty that 95% of proxies for SEO were used in automated strategies.

The first step was to deploy an SEO tool to perform multiple search engine queries to find niche-relevant domains, such as blogs and forums.

The second step was to use the same batch of proxies, or another one to post content such as blog comments and forum threads/comments. Needless to say that each of these comments or threads had a link in them.

Finally, the third strep involved waiting for search engines to index the domain for which the freshly new backlinks were created.

These were simple times when anyone looking to create backlinks needed Scrapebox (or another SEO tool) and proxies for SEO. It was easy and many webmasters did it until Google started penalizing their domains for automated backlinks creation.

That’s why this method is not relevant and if you try to do it today, you risk getting penalized by the likes of Google. Indeed, you can still deploy this strategy, but is it worth it? Is it going to work, now that ranking algorithms got smarter?

That’s why you should forget this strategy and buy SEO proxies to focus on using them in a “white hat” way.

Here’s how you can still use proxies, the same way and rank without getting any penalties from Google.

How to use SEO proxies professionally

We all know that Google penalized articles with poor content. It did this for quite a long time now. And today, automated backlinks can be easily identified by ranking algorithms.

But, if you need or want, you can still use SEO proxies safely with Scrapebox or other SEO tools. As it was mentioned above, you can use SEO proxies to scrape content and find relevant domains (blogs and forums) for your niche or domain.

But the next part, of actually creating content and posting it on these websites, should be done manually. You need to provide and create value for the audience of the blogs or forums that you find. Otherwise, all this research will be pointless.

How to create your backlink database

Now, this simple method involves creating a list (preferably in a spreadsheet) of all the domains you found through your scraping with SEO proxies.

As you probably guessed it, today, you can use proxies for SEO only for the research process of your strategy. Hence, you will use your proxies only to automate domain discovery.

From there on, the next steps you will do will have to be manual. In this way, you can create valuable content that the readers of the blogs where you comment (or the forums where you post your content) will find it useful and relevant.

And this is the main difference between automated black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

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