Key Steps to Get Started in Creative Writing

Creative writing can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, a lot of individuals with the desire to write often struggle to get started even though they feel that they have it in them to write stories, poems, novels, and other types of creative content. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help such individuals in this regard.

Following are the key steps that can help you get started in creative writing:

1. Start Small

Many individuals who have never written more than a few short pieces of creative writing usually try to get started at the deep end and write their first story or novel in a matter of few weeks. This can work for a few people, but for most of them, going for a big writing project like a story or novel requires building up their creative writing muscles. So, it is recommended that you choose a small project first, like a short descriptive piece, article, or poem. Get used to creative writing and get familiar with the entire process of having an idea to write the first few lines. After that, keep working on the small project until it is complete. Joining a creative writing class is recommended as it can help you quickly learn the basics of creative writing.

2. Write Regularly

Just like any other form of creativity, if you want to reach your true potential, you need to turn creative writing into a habit. Include creative writing in your everyday to-do list. Choose a specific time every day to write creative content for at least 15 minutes and stick to the habit for about a couple of weeks. You will soon notice how much difference it can make to your creative output. Imagine what you will have written in a few months or a year from now when you extend this everyday creative writing session to 30 minutes or an hour a day.

3. Experiment

Creative writing is about exploring new ways of expressing your creativity, new worlds, new characters, new ideas, and yourself. It’s also about learning the ways to write effectively, the kinds of writing content that you enjoy the most, as well as the one you would like to try next. If you find creative writing to be an enjoyable experience and not a slog or chore, then obviously it makes a huge different to what you write.

If you feel that your writing is becoming predictable, or its getting stuck or tired, then it is recommended that you switch to a different type of writing. Take on a creative writing project that you have never tried before. The more you experiment with creative writing, the more ways you will discover to write unique content, and the quality of your creative writing will be increased.

Final Word

It’s not really difficult to get started in creative writing. You just need to be dedicated, motivated, and of course, need to follow the right steps. You can find ideas for your content in just about anything. However, if you are looking for a more formal education, then it is recommended that you take writing classes or attend writer’s conference. If it’s for your child, then classes like creative writing for primary school are a recommended option. These will prove to be highly beneficial and will definitely point you in the right direction.


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