Blogging takeaways from star digital content creator – Lili Mitrovic

Blogging is big business. Content creators and influencers are on the rise in every corner of the world. With so much opportunity available via the internet, it’s ripe for the taking for creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers alike. Digital content creators are seizing the chance to change the landscape of how we read, learn, interact, and even shop. It’s fun, and it’s exciting and because of that bloggers continue to be a favorite among audiences. Star digital content creator, Lili Mitrovic, has been engaging audiences with her love of fashion, travel, and beauty for years. She knows exactly how to win in this business.

Originally from Macedonia, Lili’s passion for travel and fashion has taken her all over the world. Inspired by beautiful design and equally stunning places, Lili started her first blog, Amo Lusso in 2011 alongside her bridal and evening atelier. “Once I got into fashion I immediately saw the huge opportunity in curated digital content,” explains Lili. “We are living in a time where your audience can live and be inspired right alongside you. I love that my readers are a part of my journey.” Lili’s popularity has soared in the past decade, and her work has been recognized by fashion powerhouses Harper’s Bazaar Serbia, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Lili is currently the sole content creator behind, where she showcases her stylish life around the world. She’s worked extremely hard and knows the ins and outs of this business better than anyone. “Consistency is key,” Lili states. “If you want to write a blog, you have to be consistent. It’s a business. Set a schedule and stick to it. Gaining traffic to your site is one thing, but losing it is another. You want to keep readers coming back for more and avoid traffic pitfalls.” Lili attributes a lot of her success to just the simple acts of organization and dedication. Lili says, “Blogging is my job. It’s that simple.”

While Lili’s dedication is evident, she doesn’t forget that blogging is a fun and creative process. That’s what got her a large following so quickly. First, Lili explains, “Write for your audience. What do they want to read about? What problem can you solve for them? Always write with your reader in mind because they are coming to you for advice.” When you visit Lili’s website, it’s clear her work comes from a place of understanding and admiration of her reader. Second, Lili explains how important it is to be authentic. “Don’t forget to write for yourself, too, and follow your passion and inspiration. Authenticity is key, and readers can easily tell what’s real from what’s fake. Don’t be afraid to show the real you! That’s what brought them to you in the first place.”

An expert in digital media, Lili has opened her marketing and consulting firm Amo Lusso LLC., offering social media services and growth strategies. Currently, residing in New York with her husband and two young children Lili’s rising star status shows no signs of slowing down. She provides a window into her world as a working mom, blogger, traveler, and fashionista on her Instagram @lili_mitrovic. Artistic, inspiring, hard-working, and fun, Lili Mitrovic is a blogger-turned-entrepreneur to watch.


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