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10 Interesting Facts About Divorce for Black People

Love is an incredible feeling. And marriage is its reasonable development. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and love can also die, destroying the family. Statistics say that about half of marriages in the USA end with dissolution. And the divorce rate among black couples is much higher in comparison with whites. We have compiled a list of some fascinating facts about the black community, which can make you think about life.

Financial Implications

Have you ever seen “How to Get Away with Murder”? It is an exciting series about the successful lawyer and respected law professor Annalise Keating, who changed the entire American justice system, despite the obstacles that the US government built for her. It would appear, what does the divorce have to do with it? But the fact is the protagonist perfectly reflects the essence of the matriarchal society of African-Americans. Statistics show that modern black women in America have a better level of education and a higher salary than their husbands. And it is not uncommon to find cases where she is a successful specialist with higher education while he is just a mail clerk. African-American women are strong, self-sufficient, and independent individuals, and they are not going to give up and voluntarily pay alimony. It is safe to say that black women have a dominant position at litigation.

Cost of Divorce

One of the most frequently asked questions that worries all spouses who decide to divorce is the cost of the process. The average value is $15,000, but the amount can reach up to $75,000. It all depends on the circumstances of the marriage. It is worth noting that most of the costs are paid for the services of lawyers. The more work an attorney has to do (preparation of divorce forms, litigation, negotiation, etc.), the higher the price. Thus, you need to prepare for the fact that if you and your spouse can not find a compromise, divorce will be expensive. You can find more information about the cost of divorce by following the link.

Uncontested Divorce

Is there a way to cut the cost of divorce? Well, yes. Divorce does not have to ruin you. If you and your husband can sit at the negotiating table and reach an agreement, then your divorce will be uncontested. And it is much cheaper since neither you nor your lawyers will need to participate in litigation. Commonly, such a process, which is also known as amicable, can cost $1,000 – $3,000, and the most significant part of sum must cover lawyer’s fees. However, even this amount can be cut. For example, if you will do the preparation of papers and filing for divorce yourself. In this case, the dissolution may cost you only a few hundred dollars. But keep in mind that this solution is suitable for couples who do not have disagreements and contentious issues. This guide will provide you with more information on the divorce process.

Divorce the Whole Family

An African-American family is not just a husband, wife, and child; it is a big community where all his and her relatives are connected. Therefore, as soon as you think about divorce, the whole fraternity will know about it. So if you decide to dissolve a marriage, be sure, you are not just divorcing your husband, you are taking part in a process where all his relatives are involved. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that many people will influence your divorce. And of course, your relatives will worry about disagreements between you and your spouse and take it personally. Rest assured, in the process of divorce, you will have to calm your grandmother down even more than yourself.

Divorce After 50

According to statistics, the highest number of divorces among African-American couples occurs between the ages of 50-59. Researchers believe this is due to two key factors. First, the average age of marriage has increased. If 15 years ago, on average, girls married at the age of 20 years, and men at 23, but now this figure has grown to 27 years for girls and 29 for men. The second factor is related to the fact that at the age of 50, a couple already has adult children. Many spouses remain married because they have underage kids, and parents do not want to hurt them. When you are 50, in most cases, the children have already jumped out of the nest, and nothing keeps you in an unhappy marriage.

Online Divorce

The good news is that it’s possible to get a divorce over the Internet. In other words, the necessary papers can be prepared online and without an attorney. It is an excellent and affordable service for all races and nationalities that fall under US jurisdiction. The bottom line is that spouses can prepare divorce papers through a special website directly from the comfort of their home. The system is quite user-friendly, you need to answer the questions about your marriage and dissolution, after which the site will provide completed divorce documents. And that’s it, no pitfalls. It is a cheap and easy way to prepare for the court hearing. So if you are going to dissolve a marriage, try a web divorce, this will definitely save your money. Find more information about getting divorce papers online here.

Neglecting Specialist Help

Unfortunately, African-Americans do not really like therapy. It is especially true for men. There is an opinion that if you need therapy, then something is wrong with you. Hardly anyone can admit that he needs help. Lack of desire to receive advice from a family therapist is one of the factors that divorce rate among black couples is higher than among other nations. And this is a great reason to think. Is there anything in a marriage that worst to save even with the help of a specialist?

Divorce is Not For Children

A widespread phenomenon when a husband divorces his wife and stops seeing his children. Of course, this can happen to a couple of any race; however, this is a typical occurrence among African-American families. And this is very tragic because children suffer the most. For normal maturity, the child must have frequent and prolonged contact with both parents. You can’t just get a divorce and walk away. Each parent must be responsible for raising the kid until he or she reaches the age of majority.

Divorce Like the End

Scientists drew attention to the fact that blacks are much less likely to remarry if the first marriage collapsed in comparison with whites. And this is due to various social indicators. First, in black communities, the number of women prevails over men. Because among African-American men, the level of mortality and crime is six times higher than among whites. Second, as polls show, black women have high demands on their partners. So, about 60% of the women surveyed said that a good education of the husband is essential for them. However, matriarchy and harmful social conditions for black men led to the fact that their level of education is much lower in comparison with women from their community.

What You Show the World

Black people are very expressive. They are not shy to show their emotions and temperament. And there is nothing wrong with that, but not everyone can correctly understand this. Very often there are cases when a husband and wife make a real war in the courtroom with mutual accusations. At the same time, just after the hearing, they can calmly go home in the same car and even joke. Such violent emotions are a manifestation of hot blood. And white judges may not always be able to interpret such acts correctly.

Unfortunately, black women apply for divorce more often than representatives of other races, even though many reports claim that marriage for a black woman is essential. And of course, this is due to some adverse social conditions in the African-American community. This trend signals us that it is worth tackling the unfavorable social and economic circumstances that many black men find themselves in.