Tiziano Motti – Meet the man behind EU’s Directive for Internet Censorship against Child Pornography

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The world is full of people with inspiring success stories, but all of them have their own areas of expertise. While some are publishers, writers, influencers or artists, some others are advertisers, politicians, or something else altogether. Very rarely will you find a personality who dabbles in multiple fields. Tiziano Motti is one such person who not only tried everything under the sun, but he also excels at it all.

Tiziano Motti was born in Italy to parents who were artists and magicians. They allowed him to try everything in life. Fortunately, he was successful at everything he laid his hands on. His upbringing made him extremely open-minded, and he tried everything from business, politics, music, journalism, acting to even writing. However, he using politics to protect the rights of women, animals, and children was always extremely important to him.

In 2009, Motti was elected as an independent in the European Parliament. He worked as a Member of the European Parliament till 2014 on non-ideological issues using his power to bring about a positive impact. He authored a resolution in the parliament on the creation of a European Rapid Alert System against pedophiles and sex offenders.

Under this system, the state will prosecute pedophiles who use the internet to lure minors as well as prosecute those who post pornographic pictures on the internet. Despite the resistance from Nordic countries and Sweden’s Pirate Party, Motti stood his ground. The resolution also helped in tightening up the then directive on communications called “Data Retention.”

“Each upload of text, images, or video clips must be traceable by the authorities,” stated Motti while advocating for the elimination of anonymity on the internet.

Along with being an entrepreneur, artist, and a politician fighting for the rights of the weak, Motti is also quite the influencer on social media. Motti is basking in the glory of over 166k Instagram followers, giving them a glimpse of his hectic yet fabulous life. His 2014 album ‘Siamo tutti Assolti’ reached the 17th place in the Italian list of best-selling albums. His social media is full of throwback pictures from his days in politics.

Apart from all of this, Motti is also a renowned author who has written various books on communication and on the defense of citizens from marketing and sales manipulation. Motti has spent decades of his life fighting for the weak and trying to get them justice. His noble intentions and many interests inspire us to care about the issues that plague the world and try to find solutions for them.

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