Is A Self-Test Legionella Kit Necessary?

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All businesses in the UK are required by law to take their Legionella monitoring seriously. They are also required to keep their water supplies clean and safe for use so that their employees, visitors and people around the business are not put at risk.

Part of Legionella monitoring includes keeping track of the levels of Legionella bacteria present in their water systems and ensuring that their staff members have a self-test legionella kit to keep them safe and check if there are any harmful substances in their environment.

It is crucial that you keep Legionella bacteria at a safe level in your establishment to minimize the risk of a Legionnaires disease outbreak. So, are you still wondering if a self-test Legionella kit is necessary? Well, it is. In fact, it is the best method of legionella monitoring that you can adopt in your home or workplace. You can use it to test for the presence of harmful substances in the home or workplace. A standard self-test kit should be capable of testing a variety of substances and should come with all the safety measures and necessary equipment to make testing simple and straightforward.

For water that you use every day, you should pay extra attention to it and ensure that it is safe for consumption. You should also make sure you test it to confirm if it does not pose any immediate or long-term risk to your health.

Legionella is a type of bacteria and it is responsible for Legionnaire’s disease if you allow the bacteria to thrive by not getting rid of it early enough. Legionella is mostly found in showers, spa pools, cooling towers and other places. Without properly testing the water, it is usually hard to discover anything wrong with it. This is why a self-test kit is important so that you can take samples and send to the right laboratory for testing.

A standard self-kit will come with sample bottles, sample submission form, detailed instructions on how you can take the sample by yourself. It is a quite straightforward process.

If you wish to take the Legionella monitoring in your home or workplace up a notch or you are just concerned about the quality of water that you use every day, order a self-test kit from Legionella control today. We have a fully available expert team to give you further information or come on-site to help take your samples.

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