Tricks For A Perfect Nail Tip Application

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For any nail salon or nail supplies online vendor, being an expert at nail tip application is important. However, there are some pitfalls that even experts sometimes make. Check out some of the things you should know about nail tip application.

1. Use little glue

You should not use too much glue; instead, allow the product to do its work. Do not forget that salon glues are designed to be very powerful, and when you use too much, the glue may run over the cuticle, thereby causing irritation to the nail and lifting. Always keep it in mind that less is more.

2. Blending the tip

One effective trick is to use a small brush to apply acetone on the seam of the tip. The effect of this is to make the tip softer so that you can easily blend and smoothen it.

3. Use nail glue on the natural nail

Many professionals are usually torn between applying nail glue to the natural nail or to the nail tip. We recommend that you should apply it to the natural nail and the reason is simple. When you apply nail glue to the nail tip, the nail tip might get flipped over, which may lead to some of the glue dropping. What you should do instead is to apply a small drop in the center of the edge of the natural nail that is free. When you do this, the glue will spread on its own and then you will achieve a natural adhesion.

With some of our nail glues listed on our nail supplies online store, this technique works like magic. With our nail glues, they bond the nail tips instantly, and you do not have to hold the tip for too long.

 4. Sizing Nail Tip

During nail tip sizing, pay extra attention to the size to ensure that you choose the right tip size. If you are not sure, use a nail tip with a bigger size. Do not use a smaller one so that you do not end up pinching and putting pressure on the natural nails of the client. You should save your client some pain.

If you ever shop for nail supplies online and you want to apply a nail tip on your own, follow these tips. Also, for any nail supplies online that you may need, you can get them from

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