SellerMotor, China’s largest AI-driven Amazon analytics platform, launches in the U.S.

Los Angeles, CA (August 5th, 2019) – SellerMotor, China’s largest AI-driven Amazon analytics platform, has launched in the U.S., bringing its product sales analytics, growth hacking platform, and AI account manager to the American market. With offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Shenzhen, and Changsha, SellerMotor has built a growing platform that holds data on more than 586 million products and drives, on average, 37.98% sales growth for businesses that use the service.

SellerMotor enables companies to analyze any Amazon market associated with a particular keyword within 30 seconds. Users can access data such as market size, cost breakdowns, sales best practices, competitive profiles, and niche opportunities. It’s a full market scan that companies can use immediately to inform their strategies.

In addition to instantaneous market scans, SellerMotor’s platform also runs risk assessments on keywords, giving users an overview of suspension histories and review deletions associated with those terms. This is critical, as users can then avoid these terms during listing optimization.

SellerMotor also offers a fully automated Amazon PPC solution that includes campaign creation, keyword sourcing, and bidding, among other functionalities. It’s currently beta testing an additional feature that identifies customers who are up to 128x more likely to leave a review for a given product category. To date, SellerMotor has tested this feature on six categories and offers an automated, scalable, and affordable ($2.64/review at this time) way to earn honest reviews.

As one of just eight companies invited to participate in Amazon’s new ad features for 2019, SellerMotor gives users access to those cutting-edge features as well, further strengthening their competitive positions. SellerMotor was also one of the first companies to use Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN), Seller Central AppStore, and the Amazon Developer Council, signifying its close relationship with Amazon.

“We are thrilled to enter the U.S. market and bring our cutting-edge platform to customers here,” said SellerMotor CEO Roy Jiang. “Having established SellerMotor as a premier service in China, we look forward to expanding into the U.S. and support hard-working retailers.”

Prior to its North American debut, SellerMotor built its formidable platform in China, partnering with more than 60,000 sellers there. Thanks to this extensive presence, SellerMotors understands the Chinese market and Chinese sellers better than any other platform in the field. That knowledge informs everything from the brand origin and narrative to seller percentages in competitive search to sourcing. Now, U.S. and E.U. sellers will be able to take advantage of these benefits in their decision-making processes.

SellerMotor is led by CEO Roy Jiang, a former engineering lead at Intel, and COO Sibiao Chen, a former product lead at YellowPages and USA Today.


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