Things To Remember After Two Or Three Years Of Marriage

Couples think that the first year of marriage is the hardest. It needs lots of adjustments and sacrifices. Well, it’s not a complete fact. Of course, there is a need to do the adjustment with each other, give enough time to know each other better, but, the excitement of marriage and the feelings of love makes these things a little bit easier for them. However, the passing years of marriage make a couple loose interest from each other and make them busy in their own world. They do not find their relationship more interesting. They just start behaving in a different way. Some of the changes in their behaviour and thoughts are stated below which must be avoided.

Teach Each Other How To Behave

The starting year of marriage makes a couple learn how to treat their partner well but, after two or three years they try to teach each other how to behave well. At that stage of their wedding, they try to make their partner know what they want or expect from each other. Such kinds of expectations make their partners unhappy and unwanted.

Take Special Occasions Casually

With the passing years of marriage, couples start to take special occasions casually. Even their wedding anniversary and birthdays of their partners do not make them excited anymore. They are not interested at all to celebrate special days, surprises are out of the question. And most of the time they even forget those special dates which are responsible for the creation of a huge gap in their marital bond.

Fights Have Surprising Results

At the initial year of marriage, couples try to initiate first after a fight by initiating a conversation for no reason, saying sorry even it is not their fault, and many more. But, after two or three years of marriage, saying sorry after a fight becomes a big deal for them. No one wants to initiate first which results in a distance take place between them.

Separate Sinks

After two or three years of marriage, couples started demanding personal space from each other. They love to have separate sinks such as separate bank accounts, separate TVs, personal time to hang out with friends, and many more. Passing years of marriage make them think like that they must be independent and never want to ask for permission from their partner for anything.

Go To Bed Angry

A small matter of disagreement makes couples get angry that force them to keep their ego first and do not want to initiate a romantic talk. After spending a year together, they feel comfortable to go to the bed angry. And this causes a big reason for the disappearance of attraction, love, and romance from their happy married life.

Ways To Reignite The Spark In Your Marital Bond

In every marriage, there is excitement in the beginning, but, with the passing years, the excitement fades. This happens just because of your carelessness towards your responsibilities for your partner. So, here are some of the ways mentioned below so that you can get back the excitement in your married life and start to relive beautiful moments with your partner.

Surprise Your Partner With Unexpected Gifts

Never forget to send pleasant surprises to your partner on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. For instance, if your wedding anniversary is about to come then plan a surprise party for them and add extra charm to it by ordering one of their favourite flavour of anniversary cake. It will definitely make them fall in love with you again wholeheartedly.

Change Your Perspective

Go a little back in your past and realise your flaws which are responsible for making your love life monotonous. Yes, it is one of the most important things that must be taken care of. Change your outlook on your relationship to see the things. Once you start doing this, your love life will see that your love life return on the right track and ignite the spark of romance in your relationship.

Try To Do Something New Together

Always trying to do something new together plays a vital role in maintaining the excitement level in your married life, even after two or three years of marriage. So, let the spark of romance rise in your hearts by doing something new and exciting about what you are thinking but never do. Such kinds of activities will help you to get the excitement back in your married life for sure.

Spend More Time With Your Spouse

Steal some moments from your hectic schedule and spend some quality time with your partner on a regular basis. Staying connected with each other or remember each other via a text message or a phone call from the office will undoubtedly help you to bring the spark in your monotonous married life. It is one of the effortless ways to reignite the spark of romance in your relationship.

Initiate Intimacy

As you know, being intimate with your partner is one of the top secrets of your happy and healthy married life. Therefore, if you really want to reignite the spark in your marital bond, keep your ego aside and initiate intimacy. It will make your partner realise how much you love them which will definitely make them fall in love with you madly.


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