Why Hassan Al Mannai wants to bring more attention to the Arabian horse industry?

Horses have been domesticated, trained and used for transport by mankind for over 5,000 years. With the development of various modes of transport of goods and people, horses are now commonly kept as pets and horse riding is a well-cherished sport.

Horse riding is an extremely classy and aristocratic hobby, one that is often encouraged in some of the best prep schools, Ivy League colleges and universities of the world. While locally bred horses display excellent speed and strength, it is the Arabian steed which displays some of the finest show qualities in the world. Arabian horses are stunning and majestic creatures known to be bred with utmost care to help enhance their strength, musculature, height and mane. These horses are some of the finest in their species and are excellent for equestrian sports. Until quite recently, people, especially in the Western world, were under the misconception that Arabian horses are not only quite expensive, but also extremely rare and difficult to maintain. This is the fallacy that Hassan Al Mannai has been trying to change.

Born in 1987 in Qatar, Hassan Abdulla Al-Mannai did his Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Derby, followed by an MBA from the University Of Hull. After graduating with flying colors, he trained in the field of banking, both Islamic as well as conventional. He started his career in the banking industry with a lucrative job at the largest bank in the Middle East and North Africa – the Qatar National Bank. He also worked for the largest Islamic bank in Qatar – Masraf Al Rayan. Before banking he had worked in a series of jobs in various industries, including the Ministry of Qatar, giving him the experience of having worked in varied fields. However his biggest passion had always been horses, and he wanted to do something about it.

Alongside his banking career, Mannai spent his free time studying and researching horses. Combining his extensive knowledge and Western training, he managed to focus the interest of the western world towards Arabian horses, dispelling common myths of them being high priced and high maintenance, along the way. He is currently the Executive Committee Member of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organization (ECAHO) and is committed to building the popularity of Arabian horses across the world.

Over the years, Hassan Al Mannai has done a great job of singlehandedly getting the world to notice the Arabian horse industry. When it comes to horses, be it for shows, race or sports, nothing beats the grace, beauty, power and agility of an Arabian horse. These horses have been domesticated and bred for thousands of years for their superior quality, strength, size and intense beauty. Combining centuries-old ancient Middle Eastern practices of raising horses and scientific breeding, the Arabian horse industry is on a steady rise. Not only is it profitable financially, it is also satisfying working with these intelligent and stunning horses – a fact that Hassan Al Mannai is trying to propagate throughout the equestrian world.


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