15 Creative Ideas To Market Your Business On A Budget

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In order to set your business apart from all the rest, you need to have an effective marketing campaign. Still, if you’ve started your business on a shoestring, there are plenty of awesome ideas that will help you to get the word out without costing you an arm and a leg.

1. Quality Over Quantity

When posting information on your website, make sure that you offer content that will be of value to your customer. If you are an expert in your field, this is the perfect time to showcase your knowledge and let your customers benefit from it.

2. Create A Brochure

Brochures and booklets can be valuable tools to attract people. By giving them something tangible they can walk away with, you keep your business in their minds. You can also use them as an advertising tool when you make your sales pitch to potential customers.

3. Create A Killer Pitch

Whether you’re going to be talking in person or online, you have only about eight seconds to grab someone’s attention. That means that you need to invest your time preparing an introduction that will quickly draw attention to your message and keep them there.

4. YouTube

Video is a very powerful and valuable tool for your business. Create a quality YouTube video and see how fast it will spread. Rather than hiring a professional film crew, consider getting a film student from the university. You’ll get an awesome production at a fraction of the cost.

5. Ask For Referrals

Once you get a customer don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Chances are they’re going to tell others about their experience with you so tap into that. Most customers know others with similar interests and it’s free advertising.

6. Tap Into Your Community

Find out the events going on in your community and make yourself visible. Don’t be afraid to talk to other non-competitive businesses and maybe you can piggyback on their advertising campaigns.

7. Search For Discounts On Ads

Some social media sites and search engines offer discounts for initial advertising on their platforms. Check them out to see if there are a few that are within your budget.

8. Get To The Point

When promoting your business, learn how to get to the point rather than spinning a lot of flowery speech. Emphasize the benefits of your product or service with as little words as possible.

9. Network

Nothing beats the power of networking. Get out there and act like a politician. Shake a few hands and get to know your potential customers. It will mean investing a little time and effort, but it won’t cost you a lot of money otherwise.

10. Tap Into Social Media

Start setting up your own blogs that will showcase you as an expert in your field. Then use your social media sites to promote your business. Post a few articles and share your wisdom.

11. Become A Guest Blogger

Buddy up with another business and help them with content for their blog. Consider being a guest blogger for them to get your business’ name out. One successful blog will help you tap into an entirely new audience.

12. Volunteer As A Guest Speaker

There are lots of groups and organizations that are also on a budget. Offer to be a guest speaker for their organization and share your knowledge. Just make sure that the message you give is helpful to the audience and it’ll give you credibility.

13. Start A Contest

If you can come up with a worthwhile prize that people will want to compete for you can generate a lot of potential leads by creating a fun contest. Don’t think expensive prizes but something that will be eye catching; a fancy water bottle or a pencil case might be all you need.

14. Create A Newsletter

As you build your customer base, keep them interested by sharing your latest accomplishments in a newsletter. It keeps them thinking about your business and its success and can generate repeat business too.

15. Don’t Be Afraid To Offer Freebies

To generate repeat business, don’t be afraid to give something away. Offer a free trial or a sample so they can test it out.

There are many ways you can generate new business without breaking the bank. You just need to think smart, not harder. In the end, it’s more about the quality of what you put into it than the money.

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