Dr. Garrett Wirth’s approach to Rhinoplasty with a fusion of form and function

Plastic surgery has improved many lives. It has saved trauma, cancer and congenitally deformed patients from having to stay hidden in the shadows and has helped turned their lives around. This field leads the development of interventions both surgically and non-surgically that are designed to help people become whole again, and even to help them feel their best.  Plastic Surgery is widely misunderstood and often considered only for cosmetic procedures. The foundations of Plastic Surgery are reconstructive and developed into cosmetic procedures as well.  That is part of what attracted Dr. Wirth into the field as it lives in the intersection of form and function. 

Dr. Garrett Wirth is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed over 20,000 procedures.. With the application of his skills, he has given a new lease on life to people who have suffered from all kinds of trauma, cancer, deformities as well as many cosmetic procedures.

Garrett Wirth, MD, MS, FACS has a long list of accomplishments personally, surgically and academically.  While he has published and presented nationally and internationally, he states “My true passion is to work with each patient and see where I may play a role in their journey.” Dr. Wirth is also an author and co-editor to a book titled, ‘Personalized Breast Care – A Guide for Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Cancer, and Reconstruction.’ This came about through a strong desire to empower people and their support team members to go through breast surgery, cancer treatments, cosmetic breast surgery and more.  His passion to educate continues even through efforts such as these. Today, he specializes in breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation, as well as non-surgical treatments for health and beauty as examples. After a wonderful appointment opportunity including being a full Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California, he began his private practice in 2017 in the world famous Newport Beach region of southern California. This affords Dr. Wirth many new opportunities to help many of his patients regain their lost confidence, restore form, and even to improve function irrespective of their condition. Dr. Wirth believes in working with each patient to understand their overall needs and goals. This philosophy is implemented by his team from start to finish. He is selective with his patients and works with only those who understand him and have an understanding of the procedure and its outcome.  If the patients goals and objectives are not aligned with the possible outcomes that my team and I are able to achieve, then we are simply not a good team”, says Dr. Wirth.  While he will still provide them with high quality information to ensure that they are a more informed consumer, there is no role for pressuring the patient one way or another.  Dr. Wirth is often heard stating “The key is education.”

Rhinoplasty is one of the primary areas of Plastic Surgery in which Dr. Wirth specializes and remains passionate. This specialization concentrates on the nose region and often involves altering the bone structure, cartilage, skin and the airway in general. ”While the form of the nose is important, it must be balanced with maintaining or improving the function of the nose as well.”, teaches Dr. Wirth.As a surgeon, Dr. Wirth first conducts an examination and then decides if rhinoplasty is the best option for one’s cosmetic goals. Dr. Wirth continues to teach his techniqes for rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty to correct a large variety of problems such as structural defects, asymmetry, dorsal humps and many more while still maintaining a focus on a beautiful final outward appearnce.

You’re deemed as a candidate for rhinoplasty if you feel your nose is not proportionate to the rest of your face. But to be eligible for the surgery it is necessary that you have realistic expectations from it, and are in good health psychologically and physically. While rhinoplasty surgery can be done for purely aesthetic purposes, it is often done to help people breathe better, correct nasal trauma and deal with a deviated nasal septum. Working to improve both form and function during nasal surgery requires a dedicated, knowledgable and experience rhinoplasty surgeon such as Garrett Wirth, MD, MS, FACS

Dr. Wirth says that along with paying close attention to how the nose looks, a surgeon must be aware of how the nose will function once the surgery is done. This is what sets him and his team apart from most. In addition to looking good, the surgery should to allow the nose to function better than before. In a nutshell, Rhinoplasty should always be approached as a fusion of form and function.

Dr. Wirth and his team will help cater to each patient’s needs with a very personalized approach. In just two years of establishing his private practice in Newport Beach, Dr. Garrett Wirth has amassed the reputation of being a top plastic surgeon in the area. He continues to change lives as a mentor and a doctor.


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